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History & Biography
Antonello Giliberto was born in Siracusa, Sicily and took guitar lesson in 1992 and 1993 and again in 2005 to 2011. Classical composers like Bach as well as contemporary musicians like Yngwie Malmsteen have influenced him. The guitarist had a 2013 demo called The Mansion Of Lost Souls. 2018 brought a new recording, The Strategy Of Chaos. Guests this time around included Salvo Grasso and Dino Fiorenza.

The guitarist has played on many recordings as a session members and also toured with many acts. He has contributed solos to E-Force. Antonello Giliberto had a 2019 video for The Strategy Of Chaos taken from his 2019 demo, which was published on April 30th, 2019.


This Sicilian, and classically trained and Johann Sebastian Bach disciple, guitarist discovered the heavier side of things via Yngwie Malmsteen. He was nudged to find out even more and the likes of Vinnie Moore and Tony MacAlpine strengthened his rock and metal resolve. Equinox, the opening song, is certainly lively, heavy and showcases Giliberto's expertise well. Lotus Effect continues to stay on the heavy side with no sign of any long acoustic passages, yet. If anything this is, so far, much more heavy metal than one might expect of solo and instrumental guitar albums. The title track, much like most of the rest, doesn't exactly hide the Yngwie influence. The first acoustic segment makes it appearance on the aptly titled Sorrow. Flight Of The Sleeper begs for vocals (a 'full' song as it were) or perhaps it is best left in its enjoyable instrumental glory. Entr'act is short, unsurprisingly. The Power Of The Whip is pacy and makes the listener reach for the (air) guitar. Dream Of The Dead Tree is acoustic and introspective. Rise Of The Titans seems to insist on staying heavy. Ballade No.3 is a toned down version of the rest. The Ride is the speed metal song of The Mansion Of Lost Souls, sometimes sounding like German heavy metal. Commiato is a minute long back to the silence type closing outro. Contact the band at - Anna Tergel

The Italian guitarist is back for a sophomore effort following 2013's The Mansion Of Lost Souls. On this album he is concentrating on guitars only and has sought out and found a bassist and drummer. He claims to have started the journey when watching Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula and the title of the first song, Demeter, is taken from that tale. Soundtracks of fantasy films have been the other main inspiration of these 10 songs. The songs move from the speedy guitar hero type to so-called symphonic metal or classical style with synthesizers and other instruments (flutes and piano for example) used. Avalon's Darkness features the aforementioned extras for example. The variation is best exemplified in Enigma Of Eternal Night, it starts not unlike an Epica song and then turns to something akin to an acoustic Latin song. There is no doubting Antonello's Yngwie Malmsteen influence, his guitar playing and the songs work well for the most part. As with the man's debut the listener might hope for full vocals in a few spots but that is short-lived and it is perhaps best to enjoy the instruments in all their glory. The Art Of Ending is an interesting title for an outro! – Anna Tergel


Antonello Giliberto