Purification - 2004 - Locomotive
A Perfect Forever - 2005 - Locomotive
Andromeda Unchained - 2007 - Locomotive
The Detached - 2009 - Locomotive
Anubis Gate - 2011 - Nightmare
Horizons - 2014 - Nightmare
Covered In Black – 2017 - Nightmare
Interference - 2023 - No Dust

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Sanction, Prophets Of Doom, Northern Empire, Rigid Domain>>Torben Askholm>>Stranger Tides - Invocator, Geronimo, Beyond Twilight>>Jacob Hansen>>Invocator, Pyramaze – Graff Spee, Death Axe, Odinn, Black Mercyful>>HENRIK FEVRE

V-Axe, Invocator, Extreme Feedback, Geronimo>>Jesper M. Jensen>> Invocator, Geronimo - Extreme Feedback, Camden, Lance King>>KIM OLESEN>>Lance King - Migaira, Northern Empire, Prophecy, Prophets Of Doom, Third Eye>>MICHAEL BODIN>>Third Eye

Graff Spee, Heyday, V-Axe, Black Mercyful>>HENRIK FEVRE

Geronimo, Unicorn, Spaxtiq, Extreme Feedback>>Morten Sørensen>>Geronimo - Aurora Borealis, Lance King, Pyramaze, Wuthering Heights>>MORTEN GADE SØRENSEN>>Lance King, Pyramaze, Wuthering Heights

Extreme Feedback, Camden, Fear My Thoughts>>KIM OLESEN>>Fear My Thoughts


History & Biography
Odense’s Anubis Gate was first opened in 2002 as Seven Powers. The gate itself was consecrated in 2003. Several of the members had jammed with one another in bands as early as in 1984. Olesen and Fevre were considered session members on the debut album. Purification was a concept album addressing one’s inner demons. The band’s singer Torben Askholm managed to damage his vocals in the autumn of 2005 and faced the possibility of a throat surgery. Bassist Henrik Fevre took over the vocals for live work. Torben soon officially left the band.

News in early 2006 had Invocator’s Jacob Hansen, who had been a producer in recent years, joining his old mates in Anubis Gate as singer. Former vocalist Torben Askholm, who was supposedly not able to sing anymore, formed Stranger Tides. The latter band’s style was described as fusion. The band announced Andromeda Unchained as the name of its next album for summer of 2007 through Locomotive Music. The album was recorded at Hansen Studios and Sphere Music with producers Jacob Hansen and Kim Olesen. The group announced its participation at the ProgPower Scandinavia festival in 2008, but cancelled later because one of the promoters, namely the band’s management company Intromental, did not represent the band any more. The Danes were instead working on album number four. Denmark's Anubis Gate signed a deal with Nightmare Records in the early spring of 2011. The band had lost singer Jacob Hansen and replaced him with Henrik Fevre. Hansen was busy with his production work. The new singer had worked with the band before. The band would release a new and self-titled album on September 13th, 2011 through Nightmare Records. Fevre was singing. In 2012, The Danish band parted ways with guitarist Jesper M. Jensen and replaced him with Michael Bodin (Third Eye and Northern Empire). Anubis Gate lost drummer in early 2013 Morten Sørensen and replaced him with Morten Gade Sørensen (Pyramaze and Wuthering Heights). Horizons was the name of the next album from Anubis Gate. It was to be issued in the autumn of 2013 through Nightmare Records, but appeared in 2014. Morten Gade Sørensen of Pyramaze and Wuthering Heights was on drums.

Orbits was a boxed set, which was issued in 2016. It featured the first four albums and odds and ends. Covered In Colours was a kaleidoscopic release in 2020, which featured more than a dozen cover versions. Guitarist Jesper M Jensen died in the autumn of 2020.

Anubis Gate released a new album, entitled Interference, through No Dust Records in June 2023. It was the first album of new material in six years.


Word out there is that Anubis Gate is a progressive metal band. That might have been true for the band’s debut album Purification (although one doubts it), but on A Perfect Forever the quartet has a lot more to do with Iced Earth, Savatage and Icarus Witch than Dream Theater or Arena. Admittedly, there are rare moments when Torben Askholm's vocals sing like Saga’s Michael Sadler, yet the band is clearly heavy metal that is solid, accomplished and benefits from a full sound. Said singer can also vary his range from the siren of Bruce Dickinson to Geoff Tate and more.
Being on Locomotive there is probably little chance that the band will be given a big push or see a lot of publicity action. That is regrettable for on song after song Anubis Gate hits all the right notes for fans of the genre. The use of keyboards is kept to a minimum, the slow songs are scarce (e.g. Children Of The Pauper King) and the colourful cover screams metal. Fans might just have to buy this based on faith in reviews like this. - Ali “The Metallian”


Anubis Gate