Aosoth - 2008 - Total Holocaust
Ashes Of Angels - 2010 - Agonia
III - 2011- Agonia
Variations of Violence - 2011 - Spikecult
Arrow In Heart - 2013 - Agonia

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Deviant, Garwall, Antaeus>>MKM>>Antaeus

Aborted, Garwall, Balrog, The Order Of Apollyon>>BESTIAL SATANIC T [SEBASTIAN TUVI]>>Balrog, The Order Of Apollyon



History & Biography
Aosoth is an extreme and noisy French act formed and lead by Bestial Satanic T and MKM since 2002. Both were involved in Garwall. The band was formed during the down-time of Antaeus. The Paris-based act issued a split 10” with Antaeus in 2002 courtesy of Paleur Mortelle Productions. Battlesk’rs Productions reissued this release in 2007 on CD. The band went into hiatus until 2007 when Debemur Morti Productions issued a split for the band with Temple Of Baal. Then followed two full-lengths. A proposed tour with Nehemah and Throne Of Katarsis for the summer of 2009 was cancelled. The second was on Agonia Records with whom the band had a two-album contract. End of 2009, however brought another split release, this time with Malhkebre. III was issued at the beginning of 2011 and featured INRVI who had joined in 2010. Black metal band Aosoth would release its next album, IV: Arrow In Heart, on April 16th, 2013 through Agonia Records. The numbering was off however as Variations In Violeance was a vinyl-only instrumental version of the III album.

Aosoth uses session musicians on the stage. Aosoth is a female force in the Oder Of The Nine Angels.


Aosoth is billed as a modern black metal band. Fine, but I am afraid that description might leave some with a distorted view of what the band is. The group might be construed and described as 'modern' for its organized assault, usage of recording technologies and a semi/quasi-industrial aura that permeates the music. It is not 'modern' if the word denotes K&F (Keyboards & Female Vocals), cello or a sell-out to Metal Hamster or other poser toilet papers with a staple. Those would qualify the band as 'crap.'
Aosoth is a funny band in some ways however. While the music is a loud and cacophonous version of brutal black metal, the songs have a penchant for fluctuating in terms of volume, speeding up and down and even introducing deliberate noise and static. Half the time the listener is left wondering whether these are mastering process mistakes or deliberate mischief by demented musicians. A decade ago Exit 13 attempted to destroy the listeners’ audio equipment with its disc. Is that the plan here?
Amidst these peculiarities songs like Ashes Of Angels or Banished command a humourless and powerful aural assault. The vocals are barbaric and the music a technological wonderchild of Satanism. The band ends the disc with an Antaeus cover version. Yeah, who cares, but thankfully there were the other nine songs that came before it. - Ali “The Metallian”