Arcane In Thalassa - 2002 - Independent

Aphasia image
J.F. Girard - Doris>>STEPHANE HOULE>>Doris - Bleu Prokepik>>PHILIPPE MOREAU>>Bleu Prokepik


J.F. Girard - Bleu Prokepik>>PHILIPPE MOREAU>>Bleu Prokepik

Ugo Bosse - Genocide>>SIMON CHENIER

History & Biography
Montreal's Aphasia mixes some underground extreme elements with more traditional and melodic sounds to create something simultaneously heavy and accessible. Main man Houle is the co-editor of the Sang Frais fanzine. A demo cd called Beyond The Infinite Horizon appeared in 1998. Bosse and Girard left the band for "medical reasons" with Bosse being replaced by ex-Genocide member Simon Chenier and Girard by Philippe Moreau. 2001 brought a distribution contract with Grind It. January of 2002 saw the release of the independent debut Arcane In Thalassa which furthered the band's previous sound.


It's always been this writer's opinion that the Canadian metal scene's biggest problem is its lack of professional development. Notice, not the music; the professional know-how, expertise and lack of knowledge-based resources is what Canada lacks. Canadians have always been metal leaders. From Rush to Triumph, from Exciter to VoiVod and from Blasphemy to Cryptopsy Canada has consistently done it better and earlier than any other country. Which brings me to Aphasia: great band! The musical prowess is only (rightly) surpassed by the enjoyable speed and heaviness. The band, during eight songs and 51 minutes, mixes ample melody with elements of speed metal and vicious Darkthrone-style blaze to deliver some of the more accomplished moments you will hear all year. The sound is great and the band slaps its competition in the face. Yet, look at the cover - ouch! Worse, the band photo depicts three guys in crumpled shorts with my favourite being the dude squinting his eyes under the sun. I would have advised the band to get a manager and work at a more professional level to go somewhere, but what are you going to do? Canada is riddled with 'managers' who have never done anything for their former bands - save disservice. 'Label' bosses whose only record is the record number of past failures and 'distributors' whose only forté is seeing if they can last under their current name more than three months before going bankrupt for lack of trying. Under these circumstances I salute the spirit of independence and ask everyone to overlook the presentation and get hold of Aphasia's debut full length - it metals! No price given so write to C.P. Saint-André, Box 32111, Montreal H2L 4Y5.