Damage>>Raise Hell>>APOPHIS - GERMANY

Down In The Valley - 1996 - Contraption
Heliopolis - 1998 - Morbid
I Am Your Blindness - 2005 - Supreme Chaos
Excess – 2021 - Massacre

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Kristian Hahn – Dawn Of Dreams, Mental Amputation>>BERND KOMBRINK>>Dawn Of Dreams, Mental Amputation

ROGER KIRCHNER – Jörg Bartlet – Dawn Of Dreams, Mental Amputation>>FABIAN GUSCHLBAUER>>Dawn Of Dreams, Mental Amputation

Christoph Bittner – Yom Kippur>>Gert Wiedmann>>Cockroach – Dark Reality>>Patrick Schmid>>Vampyromorpha, Crematory - Acies, Behind The Scenery, The Quest, Inner Earth>>GUNTRAM BERGER>>Inner Earth

Yom Kippur, Cockroach>>ERIK STEGMAIER>>Yom Kippur, Cockroach

History & Biography
Formed in Aalen, Germany, the above-average German death metallers are named after and are heavily interested in Mythology. The band issued several demos like 1991’s Missed Abortion and 1993’s Gateway To The Underworld, which sold 2,000 copies for the band. The band had the opportunity to tour with Sinister in 2000. Obscenity had pulled out of the opening slot and the position had become open.

I Am Your Blindness - recorded in 2003 - was issued after a long hiatus through new label, Supreme Chaos. The band had issued a demo in 2001. Hahn left the band before the album’s release and was replaced by Bernd Kombrink. Bartlet was on bass for a year beginning 2008. Fabian Guschlbauer joined on guitar in 2016. Berger joined in 2020. It was not until the pandemic free time that the band got recording again. Excess was issued in September 2021. The band and Face Down Hero opened for Burden Of Grief in 2023.


Little-known German band Apophis is now signed to Berlin's Morbid Records, home to such bands as Krabathor and Dying Fetus and surprise surprise the band and its third album are quite strong in all departments. A maturely-arranged speed/death metal hybrid booms out of the speakers with the first few rotations and the band's knack for fine arrangements becomes increasingly apparent with each subsequent listen. The band alternates between fast and slow arrangements and manages each successfully. Apophis also has a strong guitar sound and through it manages to find a strong foundation in the tight and fast passages and coupled with the proficient solos achieves the same through the slower moments. With the harsh vocals and rhythmic drums taken into consideration, Apophis is a good surprise act and yet another good omen for the extreme metal scene. Fans of Altar, Krabathor and other speedy underground bands should take the plunge. Watch for the nicely done red arches when looking in the record store. - Ali "The Metallian"