Whore Of Bethlehem - 2006 - Hammer Of Hate
The Light-Devouring Darkness - 2009 - Blasphemous Underground
The Apocalyptic Triumphator – 2015 - Debemur Morti
The Luciferian Crown – 2018 - Debemur Morti
Black Mass XXX – 2020 - Debemur Morti
Worship The Eternal Darkness – 2021 - Debemur Morti

Archgoat image

Lord Angelslayer [Rainer Puolakanaho] - RITUAL BUTCHERER [KAI PUOLAKANAHO]

Wraithmaze, Thy Serpent>>LORD ANGELSLAYER [RAINER PUOLAKANAHO]>>Wraithmaze, Thy Serpent

Blood Desecrator>>Whatever Motherfuckers – Nephritis>>Leneth The Unholy Carnager [Jussi Lenets]>>Hellbox, Cannibal Accident, - Deep Red, Funeral Feast, Panzerkvlt, Demigod, Torsofuck>>Sinister 'Sinisterror' Karppinen [Tuomas Karppinen]>>Deep Red, Panzerkvlt, Demigod, Torsofuck, Necromonastery, Torso – Obruthion, Balothron, Death Du Jour, Concrete Iron, Malum, Mental Transformation>>GOAT AGGRESSOR [TUUKKA FRANCK]>>Malum, Mental Transformation

Nightside, Arsonist Lodge>>Diabolus Sylvarum [Risto Suomi]>>Arsonist Lodge

History & Biography
The band was founded in 1989. Archgoat's Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration) was Necropolis Records' first release and also later a split with Beherit. The band had two known demos, one from 1992 entitled Jesus Spawn and one from 1993 entitled Penis Perversor. The group disbanded in 1993 and got together again in 2004. The band's Angelcunt: Tales Of Desecration picture LP and poster were issued through Battle Kommand Records in 2005. Hammer Of Hate also issued an EP in 2005 called Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal, which was in fact the band's demo material. A split vinyl with Black Witchery appeared in 2008. The same label promised new material courtesy of a reformed band. The band released a new album, The Light-Devouring Darkness, in February, 2009 through Blasphemous Underground Productions.

Archgoat were recording five new songs in July of 2011. The mini-album was to be released in October of that year. The band’s full-lengths, Whore Of Bethlehem and The Light-Devouring Darkness, were being reworked by Finnish artist Helgorth from Babalon Graphics for an upcoming picture 12" vinyl re-issue through Debemur Morti Productions. Last but not least, the band was set to headline the Deathkult Open Air festival in Gera, Thüringen in Germany that June. The Heavenly Vulva (Christ's Last Rites) EP was issued in 2011 by Debemur Morti. There were several split releases leading to The Apocalyptic Triumphator. Sinisterror left in 2015. VnoM replaced him. Diabolus Sylvarum was on keyboard during this period. Eternal Damnation Of Christ was a 2017 single. The band played shows for its thirtieth anniversary in 2019 and recorded and released Black Mass XXX in 2020.

Archgoat’s European tour was cancelled in the autumn of 2021 owing to the pandemic situation in Europe.

Angelslayer and Butcherer are twin brothers.