Nightmares – 2006 – Distort
Ruin – 2007 - Distort
Hollow Crown – 2009 – Century Media
Here And Now – 2011 - Century Media
Daybreaker – 2012 - Century Media
Lost Forever // Lost Together - 2014 - Epitaph
All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us – 2016 - Epitaph

Architects image
Matt Johnson – Monuments, Nervous Wreck, This City, Fractures>>SAM CARTER

Tom Searle – Tim Hillier-Brook - ADAM CHRISTIANSON

Fractures>>ALEX DEAN


Tom Searle

History & Biography
These architects are typical Brits. They play metalcore. They hail from Brighton in the south of England. The band was formed in 2004 and issued a demo in 2005. The group played the Download Festival in 2007 and was already signed to Canada’s Distort Entertainment. By the third album the band was signed to Century Media although was still affiliated with Distort in Canada. Matt Johnson had left in early 2007 due to a dislike for touring. Carter was brought in through the band’s merchandise roadie. Sam’s Monuments had opened for Architects. Tim Hillier-Brook left in 2012. British band Architects would release a 2014 album, Lost Forever // Lost Together, on March 11th through Epitaph Records. Lost Forever // Lost Together by Architects entered the U.K. chart at position No. 16. Tom Searle, the 28-year old guitarist for the band, died in the summer of 2016 due to cancer. Tom’s twin Dan announced the group will not forego any income and the European and Australian tours would go ahead as a “tribute” to Tom. Architects, Thy Art Is Murder and While She Sleeps had a North American tour in the spring 2019.


The vocals of Sam Carter, of this young Brit quintet, is sometimes reminiscent of Devin Townsend. The music is all over the place and almost noisy. A fast riff is followed by hard core-ish screams and then mallcore and then a progressive sound or two and then a clean vocal minute or two. There are bands out there that take this to the extreme to produce a disjointed mess, Architects don’t go that far but still this feels jumbled and disorganized. The end result is not very unlike the wave of American heavy metal bands that have been everywhere in recent years. Nothing to write home about here, Ruin will surely get some good reviews for being innovative but they are in fact late to the ”˜technical’ or ”˜modern’ scene if anything. - Anna Tergel

Don’t be fooled by the theme and style of the cover artwork and its resemblance to Borknagar’s Origin album. While both Architects and Borknagar happen to be on Century Media their styles are not similar. Architects is not a new band. Hollow Crown is its third album. The band’s name and music might be new to most, however, as the UK lot are new to Century Media since the Brits had previously seen action through Canada’s Distort Media.
Some bands can’t. Other bands won’t. Architects Clearly do not have the power, stamina or desire to. The way the album kicks off with the song Early Grave one would assume the disc to be full of unbridled powerful metal with a dense production and desire to attack. The sound is huge, the rhythm section super tight, the guitars loud and the drumming insanely strong. Then come the breakdowns... and the cliché commercialism that the band has read and admired in Metal Hammer... and the hammer of death, namely the commercial boy band clean chants. Emo fans, awake! No doubt the trendiness has gotten the band signed, but the bad news is that with this style’s justified demise and cheesy characteristics the boys are too late to the trough. Even Metal hamster and kerwank cannot save this lot. In fact, they have killed the British scene. The balladesque slow song Hollow Crown nails the coffin shut. - Ali “The Metallian”