Fran Harder - 1995 - Necropolis
Kostogher - 1996 - Necropolis
Kampen - 1998 - Necropolis
Antikosmos - 2008 - Debemur Morti
ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ - 2009 - Debemur Morti
Sviga Læ - 2010 - Regain
Helvítismyrkr - 2011 - Season Of Mist
Fenris Kindir - 2013 - Season Of Mist
Den Förstfödde – 2017 - Folter

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Grotesque, Absorption, Tassemarkers Vaeruld, Sorhin>>SHAMAATAE [JOHAN LAHGER]>>Sorhin, Tassemarkers Vaeruld




History & Biography
Arckanum is nothing more than the solo project of the man from Sorhin - albeit with a bigger profile than the original band! There was a 1994 demo called Trullen (The Trolls) and the concept remained dark and foreboding through out. Shamaatae pledged eternal allegiance to Kaos and Pan and holds extraordinary respect for the forests. Kampen was available as a double CD. Arckanum's next album was supposed to be Faunaz Samgang, which was due to be recorded with James Murphy at Sound Temple Studio in Oakland in 1999. It was at first delayed. Following a decade of silence the band released a fourth full-length album, Antikosmos in June through Debemur Morti Productions. This was the rewritten Faunaz Samgang. It was recorded at Sunlight Studio. The band would release a new album, called ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ, in the autumn of 2009 through Debemur Morti Productions. The album was recorded in February and was mastered at Stage One Studio. Arckanum signed a deal with Regain Records in the spring of 2010. Sviga Læ was Arckanum's sixth full-length and was issued on Season Of Mist. Arckanum’s Fenris Kindir would be issued on May 10th, 2013. The band officially broke up in 2018.