ARDKORE>>D.R. Korea - UK

Napalm Stix To Kidz - 1989 - Metal Works

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S= Scott Pope
G= DAVE GREGORY>>The Amazing Spacefrogs, P.I.G. - CHRIS LASHBROOK
B= STEVE HOGGART>>The Amazing Spacefrogs, P.I.G.

Ardkore was a British thrashcore band from England's North East. The band was originally fronted by one Mike Howard, a friend of Steve Hoggart. The band would open for The Exploited and Warfare. This line up would record two demos.
When Howard upped and left the act in 1987, the rest of Ardkore would hold open auditions for a replacement. No candidates would turn up. The band would ask roadie Scott Pope to give it a go. With Pope as vocalist, the band would record a three-song demo entitled Humans Revenge. A five-song demo called Apocalypso would follow. The band broke up in 1992 with Pope having left the band ostensibly "due to woman trouble" even before the album's release. Another roadie called Brian Meredith would front the band for a while.
Pope would later become a professional tattoo artist and would also do artwork for bands. The other members became the anagram D.R. Korea and continued for another year with Hoggart on vocals. A singer called Shaun Atkins also would join for a while. As a side note he would later be more famous for being in Sound Disciples and Down River Nation with Gizz Butt from The Prodigy. Three of the members ended up as P.I.G.s.
The remaining would often discuss regrouping the band over the years, but so far nothing has transpired.