Galloping Through The Battle Ruins - 1998 - Wood Nymph
Incorrigible Bigotry - 2002 - Drakkar
Hornets Of The Pogrom - 2008 - Drakkar
Resuscitation Of The Revanchists - 2023 - Weltenfeind

Arghoslent image
Von Demonicus [Zach] - The Genocider - Grand Belial's Key>>ULFHEDDIN>>Grand Belial's Key

Genocide, Asfyxia, Grand Belial's Key, Hearse, Absurd, Crucifier>>POGROM [ALEXANDER HALAC]>>Grand Belial's Key, Hearse, Absurd, Crucifier - Thokk, Morbius, Twisted Tower Dire, Grand Belial's Key>>NICK "THE MERAUDER" MERTAUGH/HOLCAUSTO>>Morbius, Twisted Tower Dire, Grand Belial's Key

Genocide, Asfyxia, Grand Belial's Key>>Kommando [Thomas Huff]>>Grand Belial's Key - Doomstone, Grand Belial's Key>>EINZELGANGER [JOHN CHAMOT]>>Grand Belial's Key

Mark Stauffer>>Krass Judgement, Division, Twisted Tower Dire, Abominog, Gravewürm - Arghoslent, Morbius>>Alienchrist [Matt Sylvester] - AKTION T4

History & Biography
The band was formed out of the ashes of Genocide and Asfyxia. The band also features members from Twisted Tower Dire (former drummer Mark Stauffer, etc.) and Grand Belial's Key. A death metal band with things to say, the Virginians signed with a now-defunct company to release a debut album following demos from 1991 to 1996. Gravedigger was the band's singer at this time. Wood-Nymph's bankruptcy was blamed on Rough Trade returning the label's Grand Belial Key's Mocking The Philanthropist release as not suitable for distribution.

As an act of rebellion and antagonism the band released a tape recorded on a four track (guaranteeing lo-fi sound) which got released as a 7" EP by Horror Records limited to 666 copies. The band signed to Drakkar Productions of France in the year 2000 AD.

Stauffer left the band following Galloping Through The Battle Ruins supposedly just noticing the bigotry.

Arghoslent's second album, entitled Incorrigible Bigotry, was released in November of 2002 through The Cult/Drakkar. As of 2003 the band's line-up also featured drummer Alienchrist of Grand Belial's Key and "The Merauder" also used the name Holocausto.

The band performed live at the C.H.S. Memorial Day show in Virginia on May 23rd, 2009. Ironically, The Maryland Death Fest was being held on the same date and oddly enough at the same venue that cancelled the band’s show the prior year in Baltimore. The venue had thought the band offensive, but had ended up booking the festival with 50+ acts. Send Forth The Best Ye Breed was an Arghoslent and Martial Barrage split released after much delay by Drakkar in 2009.

The band is often accused of supporting fascism and racism. Guitarist Pogrom runs the NSBM Weltenfeind and Sinistrari Records.