Existential Chaos – 2007 – Pending
Reflections Within Dissonance – 2010 – Unique Leader
Metamorphignition – 2012 - Unique Leader
Lucid Dawn – 2015 - Unique Leader
Nemethia – 2017 – Unique Leader
Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts – 2022 – The Artisan Era

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Deeds Of Flesh>>Craig Peters>>Deeds Of Flesh – Chance Strickland - Justin - Fallujah>>Greg Paulson>>Aenimus – Hatriot, Suffokate>>Miguel Esparza>>Suffokate, Descensum - Hatriot, Suffokate, Descensum>>MIGUEL ESPARZA>>Suffokate, Descensum - Dessiderium, Chains Of Atlas, Excystation, Nullingroots, Empyrrhic>>ALEX HADDAD>>Dessiderium, Nullingroots, Empyrrhic

Carnivorous, Deconversion, Continuum, Brain Drill, Insanity, Vomit Trough, Deeds Of Flesh, Suffokate>>Ivan Munguia>>Continuum, Brain Drill, Insanity, Vomit Trough, Deeds Of Flesh

Keith Roylance - Decrepit Birth, Battlecross, Dragonlord, Monumental Torment, Underling, Testament>>Alex Hernandez-Bent>>Battlecross, Dragonlord, Monumental Torment, Underling, Testament, Trivium – Solar Impulse, Excystation, Singularity, Meridian Dawn, Alterbeast>>NATHAN BIGELOW>>Singularity, Meridian Dawn

History & Biography
The California-based band was formed in 2004. A 2006 demo was called The Divine Manifestation. April 1st of 2007 brought the band’s first full-length. At this stage the band featured three guitarists. Lucid Dawn was the 2015 full-length from Arkaik. Set for release in October through Unique Leader Records, Lucid Dawn was the second instalment in a series of concept albums revolving around Cyrix, a disillusioned character in a dystopian society. At this stage only singer Jared Christianson remained from the original line-up. Arkaik embarked upon a fifteen-date USA headlining tour in the summer of 2016. The Make America Shred Again Tour 2016 ran from July 2nd through July 24th. Support was provided by Vale Of Pnath and Singularity. Miguel Esparza left in 2016 and returned in 2021. The band was on a new label now.