Clymenus - 2023 - Village Again

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History & Biography
Another Japanese all-girl band, Hokkaido-based Ark Royal (sometimes stylized as ArkRoyal) goes at its craft harder than many of its counterparts while, unlike a band like Nemophila, staying within the confines of and of interest to metal fans. Ark Royal was founded by singer and guitarist Illumina who came from a pop band called Otome Densetsu. Differently, Illumina not only sings, but also handles the six strings. The band was managed by Crazy Promotions, which handled the more mainstream The Sheglapes.

The band uploaded the song The Battle Of Sacred in 2018. The band had ex-B-Tripper Nino on bass. The Limited Edition EP, which was a demo, arrived in 2019. The next demo was called Arise and was released in August 2019. Nino left for Tokyo and would be in Fate Gear, as well as Black Annis. She intended to try her hand at a solo career. Black Annis featured drummer Meg as well.

The pandemic gave pause to the act, but an EP called Vengeance arrived through Village Again Association in 2022. This was the label of Aldious among others. The band had shuffled between Hokkaido and Tokyo playing live multiple times in 2021 and 2022 however. 2023 was the occasion for the quartet’s full-length. Clymenus was alternately the name of a prince or king in ancient Greece. The band opened for Maki Oyama. Illumina helped Miss Oyama with the vocals. Guitarist Ika and bassist Marsa left however. Their farewell comprised of two Hokkaido concerts in December 2023. Guitarist Noiko and bassist Natsune (N24Tiger) were inducted in 2024. The new line-up had a gig with Leopardeath and Nadesico Doll, etc. in February. The band was part of the line-up of 'Loyal Rumble' (not a typo). 6th anniversary tour with Kauxs, Howling*Star and others in 2024. The band was also part of Women's Power 74, which was a recurring gig in Japan.



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