Crossing The Rubicon - 1997 - WAR
Embrace The Mystery - 2000 - Toy's Factory
Three - 2002 - Toy's Factory
Captivity & Devourment - 2015 - Listenable

Armageddon image
S= In Thy Dreams>>Jonas Nyren>>In Thy Dreams - Rickard Bengtsson>>Last Tribe - Arch Enemy>>Christopher Amott>>Arch Enemy - Under A Serpent Sun>>Matt Hallquist>>Under A Serpent Sun
G= Arch Enemy>>CHRISTOPHER AMOTT>>Arch Enemy, Solo, Dark Tranquillity
B= Arch Enemy>>Martin Bengtsson>>Arch Enemy, Lechery - Lagren - Eucharist, The End>>Tobias Gustafsson>>Revengia, Netherbird, Eucharist – Ghost Ship Octavius, The Obsessed, Arsantiqva>>Sara Claudius>>Arsantiqva, The Obsessed, Daughter Chaos
D= Zaninez, Agretator>>Peter Wildoer>>Majestic, Darkane, Time Requiem, Old Man’s Child, Pestilence, James LaBrie, Electrocution 250 - Eucharist, Diabolique, Liers In Wait, In Flames, Arch Enemy>>Daniel Erlandsson>>Arch Enemy

Armageddon is a Swedish death/thrash metal band whose lead guitarist Amott was initially only borrowed to play with his older brother Chris in Arch Enemy. His integration into Arch Enemy, which also featured another Armageddon member in the form of drummer Daniel Erlandsson, meant that Armageddon had to take a back seat to the better-known act.

Armageddon could be heard on an Iron Maiden tribute CD released by their Japanese label Toy's Factory.

It is not surprising that Mike Amott of Arch Enemy also guested on Crossing The Rubicon. Album producer Fredrik Nordstrom filled another guest spot. Embrace The Mystery featured new bassist Lagren and the drumming of former Eucharist man Erlandsson. New singer Rickard Bengtsson also produced the album. Three followed in 2002 and featured Amott this time on vocals and guitars, as well as new bassist Tobias Gustafsson.

Armageddon, featuring Arch Enemy’s Chris Amott, albums Embrace The Mystery and Three albums were being issued by Century Media everywhere outside Japan in 2010. The two would be issued as a 2-CD package. Captivity & Devourment was the name of a new 2014 demo by Armageddon. The band, featuring former Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott, was looking for a label. Armageddon signed a deal with Listenable Records. Armageddon's next album, Captivity & Devourment, would be released on January 26th 2015. Unsurprisingly, Amott would rejoin Arch Enemy for some touring after his old band lost its second guitarist. Matt Hallquist left The band in very late 2014 for “personal reasons.” The band was looking for a new singer and could be contacted through The band hired singer Antony Hämäläinen for its U.S.A. tour. He had formerly sang for Nightrage.

The band became Daughter Chaos as of 2018.