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Munching The Rotten - 2005 – Neurotic
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History & Biography
The band was formed as Bloodcum in 2000 and changed its name in 2005. The band had issued a demo in 2001 called Arsestabbers. The band broke up in 2002, but regrouped with Daan and Pranger as mainstays in 2004. The gore death metal band was a project of Disavowed and Pyaemia members. Floris left the band following the album’s recording in order to open up more time for his main band, Mangled. Romain Goulon of Disavowed replaced him. The full-length was recorded at Studio Excess.

The group announced signing to Unique Leader in 2010. New tracks were being rehearsed for recording in 2013. Dave Haley of Psycroptic was supposed to drum for the band. The members were busy with other bands or inactive until the pandemic boredom brought out another album from the band. Romain Goulon was back on drums. Then again he was on drums for every other band out there. Brutal Mind would also pick up Kok’s Carceri.


You know the feeling one occasionally gets that an album will not cut it even before having heard the album? While the name, cover and logo promised a lot, the intro sampled from the Gladiator film - surely, everyone knows which clip - dashed any hope that the album would be interesting. That particular clip must have been used 50 times already by metal bands in the last five years. All indications were right. Munching The Rotten was poorly conceived and quite indifferent musically.
The band does its best to copy the must-haves of the genre with tidbits from Immortal Suffering, Cannibal Corpse, Masacre and the like. Not a single song stands out or manages to rip your face or shatter bone. All the growling and makeshift drumming and buzzing guitars are for naught. Part of the problem is the pathetic production. Part of the problem is that each song sounds like the one that preceded it and the one that follows. Some might say that bands of the gore sub-genre do not aim to stand out from the pack, but surely they do not want their songs to all be the same, do they? Points are accorded for the illegible logo and the 'hacking' artwork. - Anna Tergel