Gruunks>>ARUM - BRAZIL

Fierce Everlasting Tempest - 2001 - Demise
Inhuman Echoes From The Shadows - 2004 - KillZone
Occult Cataclysm - The New Era Rises - 2006 - KillZone

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Nervochaos>>MARCEL MIRANDA>>Nervochaos - DAVID SURIA

Canis Lupus, Chaosmaster, Olam Ein Sof>>MARCELO MIRANDA>>Canis Lupus, Chaosmaster, Olam Ein Sof - Filemon Im

Desideratum>>Tomas Thornhart - Eris Maestus, Olam Ein Sof>>DAVID SURIA>>Olam Ein Sof

Roberto Toledo - Darkness In Flames, Scars, Hevilan>>JOAO GOBO>>Darkness In Flames, Scars, Hevilan

Bruno Stort

History & Biography
Marcel Miranda formed Sáo Paulo-based Arum in early '90s. At this stage being called Gruunks the group issued a demo in 1999 called The Gruunks Age. The group had changed monickers by 2001 due to a change in ideology when a full-length was issued - with a keyboardist (Bruno Stort) no less. The Hellish Spells demo of 2002 was up next before the band obtained the opportunity to release another album.

Fittingly 2006 brought an EP called Prelude To The Cataclysm before an album, dubbed Occult Cataclysm - The New Era Rises, was released in the same year. This album was recorded in 2005 at Mr. Som Studio. The group opened for Rotting Christ at this juncture. This album was issued in North America by Negativity Records in 2009. A new album was planned for 2010.


This Brazilian CD is a strange album for Negativity Records to pick up for release. It is not stylistically at odds with the label’s output or philosophy, but it is seemingly a random licensing of a five-year old recording of music from another continent that is neither bad nor brilliant.
Firstly, the title of the album is worthy of note. It is just too bad that it has not come to fruition (unless one considers multi-national corporations occult) and does not seem any closer now than it did in 2005. Ha!
Musically, the group is black metal and esoteric, yet not wholly straightforward. Amidst the cacophony and punctuations of screech by singer Marcelo Miranda Arum throws in some heavier growls on older track Willothewisp Blooming In Wrath, an instrumental called Occult Cataclysm, which begins with an acoustic strumming like Sabbat’s Advent Of Insanity and ends on a martial note, some synthesizers on Domine Inferi Voca Me and some female backing vocals on Self. The last elements are superfluous and undesirable, but admittedly they come amidst a barrage of very old-school underground metal, a couple of very early Tiamat and Necrophobic riffs all complete with congruous untightness and production. The latter is not bad at all; it is just not polished and huge and trendy and big and shiny like a modern band would get. - Ali “The Metallian”