Christenfeind - 1996 - CCP
Sklavengott - 1997 - CCP
Violent Soundtrack Martyrium - 2000 – CCP
Organic Perpetual Hatework – 2005 - CCP

Astaroth image
S= Berserker - Estatic Fear>>STYX/NEMESIS

G= Estatic Fear>>STYX/NEMESIS - Elymas>>CHAOS

B= Myr [Markus Miesbauer]>>Estatic Fear, Thirdmoon – SANGUIS – Estatic Fear, Thirdmoon>>MYR/BEOWULF [MARKUS MIESBAUER]

D= Septic Cemetary, Thirdmoon, Estatic Fear>>Astaroth/Magus Milan Pejak>>Septic Cemetary – Mathyr [Martin Zeller]>>Multiphrener Schwachsinn, Olemus, Spearhead, Thirdmoon, Shadowcast, Underground Groove Front – Septic Cemetary, Thirdmoon, Estatic Fear>>ASTAROTH [MILAN PEJAK]

K= Sasathys

History & Biography
Based out of Linz in upper Austria, Astaroth is a black metal band with a fast pace and melodic leads. The band has later added a second guitarist and a keyboardist and saw Nemesis take over all vocals. Berserker had left in 1998. The 2005 album had Beowulf and Astaroth returning to the fold. The band unofficially dissolved.