Remnants Of Forgotten Horrors - 2014 - Triumvirate
Malice Of Antiquity - 2019 - Triumvirate
Corpus - 2021 - Triumvirate/Personal

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Unchaste, Furia, Spret>>MIKAEL BROMAN>>Spret

Unchaste, Blood Worship>>MARTIN ANDERSSON>>Blood Worship - JONAS EHLIN

Unchaste, Furia>>MIKAEL BROMAN


History & Biography
Black metal band Astrophobos signed a deal with Abyss Records in 2012 for the release of the band's debut full-length album. The band was entering the studio with producer Erik Nilsson (A Swarm Of The Sun, Aoria, Kausal, etc.) to record the album, which was expected to be out in the winter. Astrophobos had recruited Fredrik Widigs (Demonical and The Ugly) as a session drummer for the recording. The band’s 2010 demo was called Arcane Secrets. Two members had known each other from Unchaste.

The debut was issued through its own Triumvirate Records in 2014. The gang was tired of Abyss Records, which had not released the album 18 months later. Drummer Jocke Wallgren (Amon Amarth) came and went. The group released an EP, entitled Enthroned in Flesh, two years later. The 2019 album boasted a stable line-up. Corpus of 2021 did the same. Personal Records took care of the CD version. The band asserted that this album was, "a cross-disciplinary collaboration spanning over several years where sculpture, photography and music intermingles to explore themes of impermanence, death and decay." The group was utilizing drummer Simon Samuelsson for the occasional concert. The band and Kvaen played a concert together in the summer of 2022.