Athlantis – 2002 – Underground Symphony/CD-Maximum
M.W.N.D. - 2012 – Ice Warrior
Chapter IV – 2017 – Diamond Prods.
Metalmorphosis – 2017 – Diamond Prods.
The Way To Rock ‘N’ Roll – 2019 – Diamond Prods.
02.02.2020 – 2020 - Diamond Prods.
Last But Not Least – 2021 - Diamond Prods.

Athlantis image
Aurea>>Ivan Drake>>Aurea, DRK - Jack Spider – Drakkar, Verde Lauro, Ruxt>>DAVIDE DELL’ORTO>>Drakkar, Verde Lauro, Ruxt

Mastercastle, Necrodeath, Odyssea, Vanexa, Perseo Miranda, Scream>>PIER GONELLA>>Scream, Mastercastle, Necrodeath, Odyssea, Vanexa, Perseo Miranda - Liv Carson

Shadows Of Steel, Angels In Black, The Dogma, Mastercastle, Bellathrix, Ruxt>>STEVE VAWAMAS>>Shadows Of Steel, Angels In Black, The Dogma, Mastercastle, Bellathrix, Ruxt

Christian Parisi>>Odyssea, Geminy, Wild Steel, Zørn, Killers Lodge – SkeleToon>>Enry Sydoz>>SkeleToon – Bad Faith, Mastercastle, Labÿrinth, A Perfect Day, Tommy Vitaly, Scream>>Alessandro Bissa>>A Perfect Day, Tommy Vitaly, Scream – Symmetry, Vision Divine, Alice In Darkland, Cydonia, Crimson Dawn, Magnifiqat, Screaming Shadows, Crown of Autumn, Amazing Maze, Labyrinth, Verde Lauro, Mornar>>MATTIA STANCIOIU>>Magnifiqat, Crown of Autumn, Verde Lauro


History & Biography
The band came to market in 2002 by Steve Vawamas with the release of its self-titled debut in 2002 by Russia-based CD-Maximum. There were reports of another album for 2008 or 2009 (called Metamorphosis), but nothing transpired until 2012’s M.W.N.D. Genoa, Italy-based power metal band Athlantis signed a deal with Diamond Prod. to release a new album in 2017 called Chapter IV. Athlantis, the project of bass player Steve Vawamas, issued an album called The Way To Rock’N’Roll through Diamond Prod in 2019. The group completed a new album at Steve Vawamas Studios in Genoa, Italy in mid-2021. The new album, Last But Not Least was scheduled through Diamonds Prod. on 21.09.2021. The line-up was Steve Vawamas on bass, Pier Gonella on guitars, Davide Dell’Orto on vocals, Stefano Molinari on keyboards and Mattia Stancioiu on drums.


Intro features someone tuning into different radio stations and settling on the full opener Broken Soul. A simple but original intro. Bassist Steve Vawamas is the main man behind Athlantis and he is aided by Pier Gonella (Necrodeath, Odyssea, etc.), Davide Dell'Orto (Drakkar, etc.), Mattia Stancioiu and Stefano Molinari. Expectedly the guitar work of the latter features well in this so-called melodic heavy metal song. Scream Louder is not really that loud. Cursed Time is mostly standard hard rock or heavy metal. There are few distinguishing parts or much originality. Devil Or Woman approaches cliché realms. Stranded starts with a piano piece with a ballad-like start that offers some variation, it continues in a standard way getting a bit heavier. Me And You tries to offer a bit more with limited success. Waiting For You starts with a dog barking with background street noises and continues with some catchiness but little more excitement. The album ends with Much Stronger but with the same vigor as it started. Fans of heavy metal, of the melodic variety, will enjoy this seventh release and by Gonella's solos, when they appear. However, few can claim to be awed by anything ground-breaking on Last But Not Least. – Anna Tergel