The End Of Forever - 2000 - End All Life Productions
Death-Mutation-Disease-Annihilation - 2002 - End All Life Productions
The Only Weapon Of Choice... - 2003 - Animosity
Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt - 2006 - Hells Headbangers

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Abyssic Hate>>JASON HEALEY

Justin Allen>>Hellspawn

Abyssic Hate>>JASON HEALEY

Dreadnaught>>Aaren 'Suds' Suttil>>Dreadnaught

History & Biography
Atomizer was formed in 1998 and in that short period of time has released several albums, several 7" s and appeared on numerous compilation albums. The band's name was inspired by a 1985 LP by a band called Big Black.
Atomizer was formed in Melbourne, Australia in August of 1998. December brought the Atomic Metal Power demo. The demo's lineup also featured Tom Anvil and Mat Skitz, although both would depart soon. Despite being dissatisfied with the result, the band signed to France's End All Life Productions as a result. The End Of Forever was released in April of 2000 and was followed by a twelve-date tour of New Zealand. Atomizer's next release was a 7" EP entitled Gimme Natural Selection which was released in January of 2002 by Norway's Nihilist Void Records. Death Mutation Disease Annihilation was released in the spring of 2002. Drakkar Production of France issued a CD version of the LP. The band was joined by Rick Withoos formerly of Earth on guitar in 2003.
Drummer Suds is active in Dreadnaught and Jason runs The band announced that Jason Healey has written a song with Pungent Stench in 2004 for an Atomizer versus Pungent Stench seven-inch EP that was due in 2005. Drummer Aaren 'Suds' Suttil died in November of 2006 at the age of thirty five.