Infected - 1990 - Metalcore
The Art Of Death - 1992 - Metalcore

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Scott Reynolds>>Upwards Of Endtime - JESSE PICHOWSKI

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Upwards Of Endtime>>JEFF WHITE>>Upwards Of Endtime

History & Biography
This US grindcore band should not be confused with the better-known German outfit or the other American band with the same name. The band was formed in 1985 and issued three demos within the next four years, Toxic Death, Ravaged By Disease and Mangled. This quartet emphasized short and to the point grinding cuts and was signed to the Metalcore imprint of PHD. Reynolds left in time for the second record. The band, which originally disbanded in 1993 after issuing a record through Metalcore Records, teamed up with Open Grave Records in 2006 in order to release an E.P. featuring alternate versions of previously released songs recorded during the Infected sessions of 1990. The reunited American band was due to play its first return show in March of 2007 in Connecticut. Open Grave Records would issue the Contaminated CD, which featured alternative recordings from the original Infected album sessions. The band would soon sign on for new material.


We should all be sceptical of these long-lost gems or demos being rediscovered and released by labels looking for easy cash, but to be honest this EP does tickle the fancy bone. Contaminated is apparently an alternate recording of songs recorded during the sessions for the band’s 1990 album, which was called Infected. The label or band does not elaborate or provide details, although the implication is that the band’s was originally not satisfied with the results or it would have issued the recordings. That is why Contaminated is a surprise. Sure, the production is not world-class - or even underground metal class anno 2007 for that matter - but good enough and more so given its age. Atrocity bashes together ten tracks of thrashing death metal which holds up pretty well. Most of the material is grinding mixes of speed with heavier guitar chords that are complemented by the noisiest solos this side of the first Slayer album. Redeemed By Confession demonstrates a certain hardcore influence within the band. When audible, the bas guitar really shines and adds to the song. The bassist here must have been really cool. The EP is a cheap affair, but obviously potent 17 years later. If the band can keep the same standards on its forthcoming album Atrocity might have a chance at being a legitimate and credible group next year. - Anna Tergel