Atomica - 1988 - Equinox
Limits Of Insanity - 1989 - Cogumelo
Disturbing The Noise - 1991 - Cogumelo
Back And Alive - 2004 – Hellion
4 – 2012 - Oversonic
The Trick – 2018 - Marquee

Attomica image
S= Laerte Perrs - Andre Rod – Thor, Silence Means Death>>Fabio Moreira>>Silence Means Death - ANDRE ROD

G= Mystic Atrocity>>Pyda Rod>>Mystic Atrocity - J.P. Francis – MARCELO SOUZA


D= Mario Sanefuji – ARGOS SOUZA

History & Biography
Attomica was formed by the Sao Paulo-based brothers in 1985 and specialized in speed metal and later Bay Area thrash metal. Pyda was later replaced by two guitarists. The band also acquired a new singer before splitting up in 1994. Several of the band members resurfaced later in an AC/DC cover band before reforming the act.

Attomica signed a deal with Brazil's Hellion Records and announced a live album, entitled Back And Alive, which was recorded in December of 2003. The band also announced a new studio album in 2005. The group went under Atomica between 2004 and 2009.

The Brazil-based act was back with a 2018 album called The Trick. The group, which was André Rod – vocals/bass, Marcelo Souza – guitar and Argos Danckas – drums, had a video for the song Kill The Hero. Rod had taken abck the microphone in 2015.