Concealed - 2004 - Galy
Fragmentary Evidence - 2009 - Nuclear Blast


S= Foreshadow, Kralizec, Spirit Of The Forest>>PATRICK LOISEL>>Spirit Of The Forest - September 12, Cortisol, QuoVadis>>Arianne Fleury>>September 12, Cortisol, QuoVadis
G= Kralizec, Spirit Of The Forest>>PATRICK LOISEL>>Spirit Of The Forest - Spasme, Humanoid>>MATHIEU MARCOTTE>>Humanoid
B= Satanized, Negativa, Atheretic, Humanoid, Beyond Recognition, B.A.R.F.>>Dominic "Forest" Lapointe>>Negativa, Atheretic, Humanoid, Beyond Recognition, B.A.R.F.
D= Disembarkation, Quadrivium, Vengeful, Talamyus, Catuvolcus, Negativa>>Étienne Gallo>>Quadrivium, Vengeful, Talamyus, Catuvolcus, Negativa


Augury was formed in Montreal, Canada in 2002 by former Spasme man Marcotte. Mathieu Groulx was initially on drums. Local label Galy Records issued the Concealed album in 2004. Patrick Loisel and Arianne Fleury collaborated on vocals. The band had recorded its debut at two local studios, Wild and Victor Studio. Two years later the band issued a Promo 2006. The band opened for Dismember in Canada in 2008. Fleury was now gone. Gallo left, but returned in 2007. He would leave again in 2009 and rejoin in 2012. Former Neuraxis drummer Tommy McKinnon was part of the line-up. The group subsequently joined the Nuclear Blast roster. Its album on the label appeared in 2009. The band supported this album in 2010 through The American Defloration North American tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, Obscura, and Hatesphere. Marcotte engineered the demo tape for Ottawa’s Mortor. The band was booked for 2013’s Spread The Metal Festival in Halifax, Canada. The band signed with The Artisan Era in 2017. An album was scheduled for the spring of 2018.

Augury is the ancient Roman practice of interpreting the will of the gods.