From Forgotten Worlds – 2012 - Hellthrasher
Taman Shud – 2014 – Profound Lore
Mute Books – 2016 - Profound Lore

Auroch image
Abriosis, Mitochondrion>>S.M. [SEBASTIAN MONTESI]>>Mitochondrion, Abriosis

Mitochondrion>>S.M. [SEBASTIAN MONTESI]>>Mitochondrion

Archspire, Havoc, Irradiate, Mitochondrion>>S.H. [SHAWN HACHE]>>Irradiate, Mitochondrion

Morbid Surgeon>>Z.C [ZACK CHANDLER]>> Morbid Surgeon

History & Biography
The band was formed in 2008 after existing for two years as Tusk. Aron Winrob was on bass and Sol Kauffman was on drums. Early demos were Death May Die and Stranger Aeons. The latter did not feature an Entombed cover version. Skull Fucking Metal issued a split for the band with Ancient Obliteration. In July 2012, the Vancouver grind death band was touring Western Canada using the Canadian Abomination Tour monicker. Dates included British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The band was also recording new material. In September, Vancouver death/grind band digitally released its debut full-length, From Forgotten Worlds, on Tuesday, August 28th. The label for the album was Hellthrasher Productions. The album was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and was a follow-up to the 2010 demo release Stranger Aeons. Profound Lore Records issued 2014 and 2016 full-length albums by Vancouver, Canada-based death metal band Auroch. The album for 2016 was called Mute Books LP.