Grey Universe - 2006 – Xtreem
The End Of The Third Day – 2014 – Cyclone Empire

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B= Heavenshore, Glow, The Tempter, As Light Dies>>MIGUEL ANGEL GUTIERREZ>>As Light Dies

D= Glow, Aathma>>RICARDO DE PABLO>>Glow, Aathma

History & Biography
Autumnal was formed in Madrid in 1996 when drummer Ricardo and singer and guitarist Javier joined forces. Bassist Miguel and Andres would soon join the group. The band played its first show in August of 1998. Miguel Angel would leave to focus on his own band, but would soon return and replace bassist Fede. A second demo would be recorded in 2000 and be called In My Shell. Autumnal would soon recruit violinist Sandra. Guitarist Julio Fernandez would replace Andres and the band would tour Europe with Morgion and others. A demo called The Age Of Sin would be released in late 2003. Sandra and Julio would depart, but not before the band had recruited cello player Guillermo. The band would record its debut independently in 2005 and find a label to release it a year later. The album would be issued in late 2006, although Guillermo had vacated his position by then. Third guitarist Oscar Martin (Alien Syndrome 777, Ildur, Deemtee, As Light Dies, Garth Arum, Fu Fu, etc.) asked to join in 2017 because he was on a quest to be in every band in Spain at the same time. The gang disbanded in 2019, but bored with life returned in 2020. Like most reforming bands nothing much happened. A song called Where Eagles Fly Cloudy Skies was uploaded in 2022 and the band dissolved.


I thought Phlebotomized threw in the towel and called it a day years ago after going bankrupt. Apparently, the band simply moved to Spain and changed its name to Autumnal.
This limpness is nominally called 'doom,’ but in reality this is bollocks with cello, growls, slow and wimpy stretches of mind-numbing dumbness and sub-par attempts at atmosphere. Why bands like the boring and powerless Autumnal persist and why Xtreem (and its predecessors Repulse and Drowned) insists on signing bands like this perennially when this crap has no future is a tribute to human stupidity.
Past the simplicity and out-of-place growls the cloning of the Iron Maiden’s Rime Of The Ancient Mariner at the beginning of There Is Only One Season In The Sky is actually rather amusing.
Autumnal might be a band for the atmospheric doom goth fans that read Metallian - all two of them. - Ali “The Metallian”