Baby Face>>AXE - USA

Axe - 1979 - MCA
Living On The Edge - 1980 - MCA
Offering - 1982 - Atco
Nemesis - 1983 - Atco
Five - 1997 - MTM
The Crown - 2001 - MTM
Final Offering - 2019 - Escape

Axe image
Edgar Riley - Boulder, Frank Zappa, Edge Of Forever, Western Vacation>>BOB HARRIS>>Edge Of Forever, Western Vacation

Michael Osborne - Bobby Barth>>Blackfoot, Solo, Red Rock Roosters - Solo>>Danny Masters

Black Foot>>Mike Turpin>>Black Foot - Blake Eberhard>>Electric Tigers, Wind Machine, Andreas DeValera - Wayne Haner

Bad Boy>>Teddy Mueller>>Moxey Roxx - UFO>>Andy Parker>>Waysted, UFO - Christian Teele

Edgar Riley

History & Biography
Originally founded as Baby Face in 1977 - for one album - and changing names in 1979, the boys proceeded to release several hook-laden albums. The group switched to Atco for Offering and toured with Scorpions, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss and ZZ Top. The band even made it to the UK to open for Iron Maiden. The group further opened for Mötley Crüe in 1984. The band had much commercial potential, but with the death of Michael Osborne due to an accident in 1984 leader Barth split up the band. Barth himself was injured. Barth later joined Blackfoot. Years later, having recruited Harris and Eberhard, Axe released Five as well as a sampler of 12 old tracks updated and modernised. The self-cover version record was called Axe (Twenty Years From Home).

The group reformed for more shows in 2006 and 2007 now being based in Texas. Axe was confirmed for 2009’s South Texas Rock Fest, which would take place May 22-24 in San Antonio, Texas. Ted Mueller died in 2012. The band also split up again after playing in Sweden yet, Final Offering appeared with a revamped line-up in 2019. An album was issued in 2001. The Crown featured guitarist Danny Masters and drummer Christian Teele.

Bobby Barth was active on social media/Facebook (where else?) and posted, among other things, anti-science stuff about masks objecting to "Lots of mask mandates creeping up around the country" and pro-genocide Zionist propaganda in 2023. Empowered by free posting on Facebook, the man took aim a member of US Congress who was objecting to genocide by posting, "Ms. Tlaib at least have the courage to own it because no one with a brain is buying your redefinition." Bob was contradictory in that he claimed Ms. Tlaib is raising her voice, yet is not "owning it." Moreover, Bobby claimed that, antisemitism is "fueled by Marxist professors," clearly unaware that Karl Marx was Jewish or that Arabs are the largest group of Semites on the planet or that Jews may be Marxist. Bobby was unable to point at any actual Marxist professors or why Marxism is bad or whether he was attacking Marx because the man was Jewish. He publicly posted that, "narrative that this is big bad Israel just beating up on poor outgunned Palestinians" apparently not in jest and hinted at shadowy forces by adding, "There has been a lot of convo about the weirdness of our society’s in the last couple years" demonstrating a lack of household mirrors, knowledge of the English language and self awareness.