Baby Face>>AXE - USA

Axe - 1979 - MCA
Living On The Edge - 1980 - MCA
Offering - 1982 - Atco
Nemesis - 1983 - Atco
Five - 1997 - MTM

Axe image
S= Edgar Riley - Boulder, Frank Zappa>>BOB HARRIS
G= Michael Osborne - Bobby Barth>>Blackfoot
B= Black Foot>>Mike Turpin>>Black Foot - Blake Eberhard - Wayne Haner
D= Teddy Mueller - UFO>>Andy Parker
K= Edgar Riley

Originally founded as Baby Face - at least on one album - the band changed names and proceeded to release one hook-laden album after the other. The band has much commercial potential, but with the death of Michael Osborne in 1984 Barth split the band. Years later, having recruited Harris and Eberhard, Axe released Five as well as a sampler of 12 old tracks updated and modernised. The group reformed for more shows in 2006 and 2007 now being based in Texas. Axe was confirmed for 2009’s South Texas Rock Fest, which would take place May 22-24 in San Antonio, Texas.