Another Victim - 1983 - Mausoleum

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Universe>>Frank Fanfare [Frank DiSanto]>>Universe

Universe>>Tom Bohn>>Universe, Bourbon Street - Cash Only>>ROWLAND HAG>>Steeler, Cash Only

Grandee, Universe>>HOLLY GEORGE [HOLGER GEORGE]>>Universe

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History & Biography
Axe Victims was a German metal band who had garnered a deal with Belgium's Mausoleum following two demos in 1982 and 1983. The act was founded in 1982. The band had been featured in, future Rock Hard editor, Goetz Kuhnemund's Metal Maniacs fanzine. The band opened for Lita Ford in Europe. The group appeared at Desaster festival in Germany with Warlock, Cacumen and Street Fighter. The band reported being scammed by Mausoleum, which declared bankruptcy. There was a report of an album called Hypnotized and an announcement for 1986, but it never materialized. The band had worked on it independently and, moreover, did not wish to entrust it to a small label such as Mausoleum again.

While George forms Universe later, Hag and Rocco join up in oldies cover band Cash Only. Hag had also tried his hand at bass in Steeler in the eighties. The band and Steeler had both played at the Aardshock Festival. Frank Fanfare died in 2000. Tom Bohn died in 2010.

To obey the rules, the band reformed in 2024 almost forty days after it had disbanded. No word, why the members could not instead play Axe Victims' songs in Cash Only. New members were Cosi Matrigiani (Universe and Enola Gay - guitar) and Armin H Son (Armin H Söhnchen) who was the singer for Universe previously. The band appeared at Tank-Stelle with Tight and a reformed Warrant on 27.01.2024. Axe Victims was playing at Holy Sheet Metal Festival for its fortieth anniversary in June as well. Demons Dream was opening.



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