The Lord Of Flies - 1983 - Fingerprint
Visions From The Past - 1984 - Neat
Hooked On High Heels - 1985 - Fingerprint
Out Of The Ashes - Into The Fire – 2021 – Pure Steel

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Sleazy Rose, Regent>>ANDERS WALLENTOFT>>Sleazy Rose, Regent

Mikael Johansson – Iron Haze, Sleazy Rose, Straight Up, Trash Cans>>MAGNUS JARL>>Sleazy Rose, Straight Up, Trash Cans - Klas Wollberg – MIKAEL JOHANSSON

Iron Haze>>Tommy Brage - Magnus Hedin>>Downbound Train, Overflash – Scendrag>>BJÖRN "BERTA" HERNBORG>>Scendrag

Mats Johansson – Abbey [Abbe Enhörning] – MATS JOHANSSON

History & Biography
Guitarist Magnus met singer Anders and Bassist Tommy at a music store he worked. Hazy was the monicker between 1979 and 1981 and the act tried its hand at cover versions of UFO, Judas Priest, Rush and others. Anders kept that monicker, but Magnus and Tommy banded together separately as Iron Haze. Tommy would then get recruited into Hazy again. A Demo appeared in 1982. The band had a 1982 EP entitled Pray For Metal under its own Axe Records’ imprint. This was re-released by Swedish label Web/Fingerprint. The debut was supported through a tour with Torch and Silver Mountain. The Lord Of Flies was produced by Torch producer Olle Larsson. The band saw a major line-up change between its first and second releases. The Johansson brothers left. Tommy had already departed. Abbey arrived too late to actually record on the album. He would not stay long. Visions From The Past was licensed by Banzai for Canada. Neat was interested in the band, but no agreement was made after the two parties met in the UK. The group disbanded in 1987. The original line-up decided to play a tenth year anniversary show in its hometown, at a local music event called Nykvarn festival, in 1991. Wollberg died in 1996. The group reformed in 2006 and played at 25th anniversary show. The band played at Sweden Rock festival in 2008. Out Of The Ashes - Into The Fire was issued in 2021!



Axe Witch