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Strike - 2001 - Death To Mankind
The List - 2002 - Osmose
Obey - 2004 - Osmose

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WOR [JASON MCLEOD] - Revenge, Conqueror>>VERMIN [CHRIS ROSS]>>Revenge, Conqueror


Revenge, Conqueror>>VERMIN [CHRIS ROSS]>>Revenge, Weapon, Blood Revolt, Conqueror

Cremation, Conqueror, Revenge, Blood Revolt, Kerasphorus>>JAMES READ>>Revenge, Death Worship, Black Witchery, Kerasphorus

History & Biography
Guitarist Wör and Bassist Vermin, who had both been in Edmonton's Sacramentary Abolishment, formed the band in 1998. The band's monicker was actually meant as the title for the third Sacramentary Abolishment album. Drummer and former Conqueror and concurrent Revenge man J. Read was soon recruited.

Only three months later the Landline MCD appeared through Catharsis Records and showcased the band's grinding sound. An appearance on the Awaiting The Glorious Damnation Of Mankind split release followed.

In 1999 the trio was banned from performing at a planned show in Edmonton for alleged Nazi leanings and symbolism.

A contract with Spain's fascistic Death To Mankind Records resulted in the Strike album. Liking the underground buzz, Osmose Production soon signed the band for two albums. Earlier the band had been close to inking a deal with Germany's Barbarian Wrath.

The band appeared on an Osmose Production sampler with a cover of Sacrifice's Re-Animation (taken from the earlier EP) and announced the title of the second full-length as The List. Released in October of 2002, The List is preceded by a press release denying the band's affiliation with the white supremacist movement.

Ireland's Invictus Productions announced the Landline 12" by the band for early 2004. A European tour in 2004 preceded the autumn release of Obey, which was recorded at Sweden's Berno Studio. The album was issued in North America by Red Stream. The Purify EP of 2006 also featured re-recorded songs. The group disbanded in 2007.

Vermin replied to a Rusmetal Sacramentary Abolishment interview question regarding the band Blasphemy having a black member by insisting, "If I am not mistaken (and I could be, as it is only a rumor), the nigger is now a rapper and sells crack-cocaine from his ‘gangster car’. Anyway, who cares... he is just a fuck. Black metal is strictly a white man’s realm, as far as I am concerned. Elite music for the elite society. Simple."


As the band's monicker suggests, Canada's Axis Of Advance is all about waging war! In the absence of a lyric sheet and given the bashing pandemonium emanating from the sophomore full-length, it is difficult to imagine how the title The List can pertain to anything mainstream or benign. After all, AOA's first album was released courtesy of Spain's fascistic Death To Mankind Records. Furthermore, the band was banned at least once in 1999 from performing in its hometown of Edmonton for alleged Nazi leanings. It is safe to say the trio deny the charge, but then it is also safe to say that the act is not of the mother goose variety.
Elements of Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, Order From Chaos and Impaled Nazarene rush forth from the speakers,.but Axis Of Advance is not a clone band. The earlier names are meant as a comparison tool. The drums are blasting and rattling. In fact the drum player plays his beats in an offbeat pattern and his blast beats in spurts - rarely keeping one pace or beat. The guitar licks, of which there are many, are delicious and the riffs violent. A depraved voice makes The List a powerful proposition. The vocals are harsh and grating. Think Deicide, Bloodstorm, etc. The trio manages a doomy riff on The Torture, some demonic screaming a la Deicide's debut on Nomination and several bass lead parts on different songs. One has to admire the determination to be different and innovative here.
Axis Of Advance may well be a band that can elevate itself within the scene were they to pull up and separate themselves from acts whose reputation was sadly tarnished to the point that the moniker had become synonymous with controversy. - Ali "The Metallian"


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