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History & Biography
Somewhere in the west of Sweden is Uddevalla. Somewhere is Uddevalla exists a death metal band called Axis Powers named after the World War II alliance of Germany, Japan (Larsson is half Japanese) and Italy. The band was formed in 1997 and issued a single called Evil Warriors in 2000, which featured a cover of The Stooges’ I Wanna Be Your Dog. Karl Nilsson joined in 2000. He left a year later and Johansson took over the second guitar duties. Next Poland’s Agonia Records issued the Tribute To I-17 EP, which was named after a local garrison, and was a split with Bestial Mockery. Keeping up with the theme of evil and misery next came Fresh Human Fresh as a split with Ill-Natured. Two full-lengths followed. The band had to switch labels between the first to the second as the first label had gone broke. 2009 brought a compilation of the band’s demo material, Born For War.


Axis Powers is a name a power metal band would pick, isn’t it? Even the band logo is power metal-ish. Musically the intro/song two minute opener, Marching Towards Destruction (From San Francisco To Stockholm) harkens back to the earlier days of the Swedish black and death metal scene with a familiar guitar sound like those heard on Those Of The Unlight. The first full song, War Of Attrition, takes a slightly different course with the sound switching to the thicker Dismember and Entombed one. Some times this is Left Hand Path all over again. Axis Powers do basically sound like the aforementioned but Marching Towards Destruction somehow comes across as much a black metal release as it does a death metal one. War seems to be a running theme with songs called Brutal War, Outbreak Of The Blitz, Another Onslaught, Forward March and Artillery Pointing West. At less than 35 minutes, the assault does not linger. - Anna Tergel


Axis Powers