Demon Seed - 2001 - Pagan
Infernal Blasting - 2003 - Pagan
Diabolic Impious Evil - 2006 - Pagan
Praise The Beast - 2009 - Agonia
Blasphemers' Maledictions – 2011 – Witching Hour
In Extremis – 2017 - Agonia

Azarath image
S= Bruno [Bartłomiej Waruszewski]
G= Anima Vilis, Damnation, Cenotaph, Armagedon>>BART [BARTŁOMIEJ "BART" SZUDEK]>>Damnation, Armagedon - Yattering, Masachist, Shadows Land>>Thrufel [Mariusz Domaradzki]>>Yattering, Masachist, Shadows Land
B= Thunderbolt, Cenotaph>>D. - Damnation>>Bruno [Bartłomiej Waruszewski]>>Damnation – Lost Soul>>PETER [PIOTR "P." OSTROWSKI]
D= Damnation, Behemoth, Witchmaster>>INFERNO [ZBIGNIEW ROBERT PROMIŃSKI]>>Behemoth, Witchmaster

Azarath is a technical death metal band comprised of several members of the Polish scene and lead by Inferno. The band released a rehearsal tape called Traitors in 1998, a Promo Tape in 2000 and signed with Pagan Records for its debut. A Polish tour with Vader, Hate and Elysium followed in June, 2002. Thrufel’s first album with the band was Diabolic Impious Evil of 2006. The group switched labels for 2009’s Praise The Beast. Azarath was invited to play at XV PartySan OpenAir. Marcin became the singer and guitarist in 2017.