There’s No Danger On The Roof - 1989 - Electra
Freak - 1990 - VIP
Baltimoore III - 1992 - Alpha
Thought For Food - 1994 - Hawk
Original Sin - 2000 - Lion
Ultimate Tribute - 2003 - Lion
Fanatical - 2005 - Lion
Kaleidoscope - 2006 - BLP
X - 2006 - BLP
Quick Fix - 2009 - BLP

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S= Six Feet Under, Rainfall, Ready Steady, Krokus, Bedlam, H.A.R.D>>BJÖRN LODIN>>Krokus, Bedlam, H.A.R.D




History & Biography
Veteran singer Björn Lodin formed Baltimoore in 1987. It was not long before the band issued its debut album, entitled There's No Danger On The Roof, which managed to hit the Swedish charts. The line-up featured guitarists Tomas Larsson and Stefan Bergström, keyboardist Mats Olausson and drummer Rolf Alex. The band’s future seemed shaky, however, when its founder engaged in several side-projects and was even briefly recruited to front Krokus.

Back with Baltimoore, Lodin and Bulgarian-born Nikolo Kotzev kept the band going while running in and out of different projects. More recently, the band’s rhythm section is comprised of bassist Weine Johansson and drummer Hempo Hilden. Original Sin veered away from rock. Ultimate Tribute was a cover version disc. The band rarely performs live and is more of a studio project. The band performed on the Swedish TV show Nyhetsmorgon on November 15th, 2006 in support of its tenth album, entitled X. The band also parted ways with guitarist Thomas Larsson and bassist Weine Johansson. The group was back in the summer of 2007 with a new line-up featuring singer and guitarist Mikael Nord Andersson (Private Eye, Nord and Roxette), who previously had sung back-up for the band, guitarist Janne Stark (Overdrive, Locomotive Breath and Mountain Of Power), bassist Björn Lundqvist and drummer Robert Bäck.

Baltimoore would release a new album, called Quick Fix, on May 15th through BLP Music. The band’s ever-changing line-up was Emanuel Hedberg on guitar, main man Björn Lundqvist on vocals and bass, Örjan Fernkvist on keyboards and drummer Robban Bäck. Björn Lodin also joined Hungarian band H.A.R.D.


Baltimoore is a veteran hard rock unit from Sweden and here sails smoothly down the path of vintage AC/DC and melodic rock. This isn’t groundbreaking stuff nor does the band attempt to break down barriers with its smooth, easy rocking sound. Fanatical owes a lot to Bon Scott era AC/DC and sees no need to hide this on song after song, but instead mixes it with a more classic rock sound. With the band’s singer and founder now more active, a stable (well kinda) line-up and a more serious image with long hair and good looks perhaps it is time to take Baltimoore seriously again. Certainly Are you Coming Or Not? is velvety smooth and has cool guitars fashioned after Rainbow. You Touch Me And I’m Healing has some odd samples that sound like bubbles, Wishes And Reality (great title this one) is more complex with hints of old Rush if you listen closely. On the whole though this is about TNT and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and suggested for fans of AC/DC, Y&T, Krokus and Rhino Bucket. - Sheila Wes Det