7 bands that said good-bye, took the money and kept going – 02.2022

It is a time-honoured tradition. Want to rake in the cash? The new mansion costs a fortune? Management wants more dough? Booking agents need to report good Quarterly earnings? Arenas rely on ticket and foam water sales to the gullible and the easily conned? Ex-wife demanding more alimony? Well, no worries. Farewell announcement to the rescue. With no intention of going away or nary a commitment to following through, bands, their managers and agents announce a good-bye tour, album, compilation, merchandise and series of press conferences. Not only the publicity helps with sales, but also fans show up in large numbers to hand over their cash. It is not complicated. The only question is whether there will be an official reformation or the farewell turns into a decades-long affair or perhaps there won’t even be a need to officially return. Cheques are cashed, moneys deposited, mansions upgraded and the complicit media look the other way. Heck, several of these bands have regularly scheduled farewell tours and albums, which is always a good complement to the added bonus of sales for ‘return’ albums and tours. So what if a few foolish fans are stuck with ‘final tour’ shirts from a band that just announced its next world tour itinerary or the new album’s name? Marketing is the name of the game after all.
Which bands will cry wolf and announce their farewell this year?

Download The Infographic Guide PDF To Bands With Phony Final Albums And Tours