Humanity's Splintered Salvation - 2004 - Fleshfeast

Bane Of Existence image
S= Doug Rinaldi

G= Exceed>>Jim Ash>>Prostration

B= Warhead, Dread, Descent>>BRANDON ADELIZZI>>Descent

D= Noosebomb>>MIKE BUTKIEWICZ>>Noosebomb

History & Biography
This Boston-area death metal band was formed in 1999. Several EPs with titles like Denounced and DK1 followed. The band became active on the live scene and signed with Fleshfeast Records. The band announced a new guitarist called Greg Armstrong in the summer of 2004. The band recruited vocalist Dusty Lyon and guitarist Chris Farmerie in the summer of 2005. Both Dusty and Chris were formerly of Massachusetts death metal bands Acephalus and Despoilment.


Bane Of Existence hails from Massachusetts down in the US and plays death metal. The CD kicks off with a wicked intro sampled from a movie. 'Jesus is dead, Jesus is dead...' sings the sweet girl before the band jumps horn first into Denounced where they leave no doubt regarding their credentials. Speed, heaviness, tunnel-of-wind vocals, power chords, etc. are the order of the day. The distorted bass break here is well worth mentioning. Art Of Fisting is much the same with a particularly exciting tempo change situated right in the middle. Evisceration features more musical violence and is the song where the quartet attempts to vary things and incorporate more intricate riffing. Here the band tries its hand at doom metal (surprise!) which for my money is an odd turn of events. Iconoclast begins with another sample and then its off to the races. These guys may have short hair, but sure play like real metallers. The song pounds with both fast and heavy rhythms. More of the beautifully distorted bass sound can be heard here. The demo songs with another brutal song and one where the band demonstrates their power to create a cacophony almost at will. Aside from the obvious potential for improvement in sound, one thing Bane Of Existence ought to improve next time around is the snare sound. The pots 'n panish drum sound - oft adopted by death metal bands - is annoying and light weight. Having said that, Bane Of Existence is a triumphal nod to the lasting and strengthening power of death metal. Send $7 (US) to Jim Ash, 21 Zana Park Dr., Braintree MA. 02184 USA.


Bane Of Existence