Banzai - 1983 - Hispavox
Duro Y Potente - 1984 - WEA
Alive 'N' Screamin' - 1988 - Claxon
En Vivo Y Potente – 2012 - Leyenda

Banzai image
S= Valentin Del Moral>>Kaputt, Chino Banzai – Zero. Niagara>>JOSE ANTONIO MANZANO>>Niagara
G= Solo>>SALVADOR DOMINGUEZ>>Solo - Phackner, Motto Perpetuo>>FREDDY FRESQUET
B= Nu>>Carlos ‘Tibu’ Vasquez>>Nu
D= Larry Martin [Miguel Martin]>>Grimm - Juan Carlos Renodo - DAVID BIOSCA
K= Blue Max, Heavy Metal Kids, UFO, Riff>>Danny Peyronel>>Tarzen, Heavy Metal Kids

Banzai played heavy metal. Valentin Del Moral was only heard on the debut Banzai album. Alive 'N' Screamin' was Duro Y Potente with several songs translated into English.

After some 24 years of absence Spain’s Banzai played a comeback concert with 22,000 fans present on Saturday, June 4th, 2011 in Madrid, Spain. The band was David Biosca, Jose Antonio Manzano and Salvador Domiguez. Nico Martinez was on bass. The show was filmed for a live release. The band had initially disbanded in 1985 before giving up in 1987. As these things go the band returned in 2010.