Hailstorm - 1995 - Nazgul's Eyrie
Eerie - 1995 - Nazgul's Eyrie
Infernal - 1996 - Nazgul's Eyrie
Legions Of Perkele - 1998 - Spinefarm
Satana - 1999 - Spinefarm
Okkult - 2001 - Spinefarm
Venomous - 2002 - Spinefarm
Anno Aspera - 2003 Years After Bastard's Birth - 2005 - Spinefarm
Long Live Satan - 2009 - Ghul
Fanatiko - 2017 - Saturnal

Barathrum image
Morphosis, Rotko, Fall, Finntroll, Demonos Jetblack, Kirous>>DEMONOS SOVA [JANNE SOVA]>> Rotko, Fall, Finntroll, Demonos Jetblack, Kirous

Thrash Cruiser, Dark Feast>>Demonos Sova - Sulphur [Jarno Hämäläinen]>>Urn -Anathernalignat - Elkind, Riverside Syndicate>>Pelceboop [Mikko Silvennoinen]>>Elkind, Riverside Syndicate - Funeral Feast, Nightside>>Daimos666 [Vesa Wahlroos]>>Põhjast, Ajattara, Avra, Decomposter, Datura Nemesis, Woland, Høstsol - Serenade Deprived, Vihollisen Äänet, Sorrowed, Tknkntj>>RAAKALAINEN [JANI METSÄLÄ]>>Tknkntj, Goatmoon, Azazel, Wakboth

Thrash Cruiser, Dark Feast>>DEMONOS SOVA [JANNE SOVA] - Urn>>Infernus - Shaman, Arthemesia, Riverside Syndicate, Night Must Fall>>G'thaur [Janne Leinonen]>>Shaman, Arthemesia, Riverside Syndicate, Night Must Fall - Disformed, Gloomy Grim>>NUKLEAR TORMENTÖRR [TOMI TÖRNQVIST]>>Disformed, Gloomy Grim - Dream Smashers Inc., MMD, Dødkvlt, God Disease, Wintermoon, Norrhem, Sielunvihollinen, White Rune>>RUTTOKIELI [MATIAS AUTIO]>>Dødkvlt, God Disease, Sielunvihollinen, Wintermoon, Norrhem, White Rune

Urn>>Pimeä [Mikko Äimälä]>>Urn, Flame, Grip Of Death - Darkwoods My Bethrothed, Virgin's Cunt>>Nattasett [Pasi Kankkunen]>>Darkwoods My Bethrothed, Furthest Shore, Nattvindens Gråt, Hellboozer Union - Zwanziger, Sinergy, Waltari, Jimson Weed, Sinergy, Valvet, Raskasta Joulua, Ensiferum>>JANNE "ABYSSIR" PARVIAINEN>>Jimson Weed, Sinergy, Valvet, Raskasta Joulua, Ensiferum, Satanic North, Solitude - Wintermoon, Prophet, Sorrowed, Fragilehollow, Khiral, Rapture, Tknkntj, Pestigore>>VENDETTA [PETE RAATIKAINEN]>>Wintermoon, Sorrowed, Raptue, Tknkntj, Pestigore

History & Biography
Formed in 1990, and changing its monicker in 1991, by Mr. Sova, Barathrum released several demos like Witchmaster and Battle Cry before signing with a label. The black metal band ostensibly followed the occult and suffered from a bad sound until Spinefarm sent the band to Tico Tico. The label was now responsible for the re-release of the band's first three albums. Barathrum toured with the likes of Babylon Whores, Sabbat (Japan) and Wizard. The band’s founding member moved to Germany and supposedly laid the act to rest. Pelceboop left in 2007, but returned in 2016. 2007 to 2010 drummer Agathon Frosteus died of a brain tumor in 2022. Long Live Satan was a live album. Janne Leinonen left in 2012. He had been in the band for 16 years. Both Ruttokieli and Nuklear Tormentörr played bass on Fanatiko. Disciples Of Filth was a split single between Barathrum and Wrok in 2019.

The group’s album titles’ first letters form the phrase Heil Sova referring to the founding member’s ego. The band is a part-time gig for most considered. Musicians come and musicians go and, in typical fashion, everyone is everywhere at the same time and then again and probably before too. Demonos Sova has been the anchor, but he himself also moonlights around.