Curse Of The Red River - 2010 - Peaceville
The Devil's Resolve - 2012 - Peaceville
On Lonely Towers – 2015 – Century Media
A Complex Of Cages – 2018 - Century Media

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S= Enter My Silence, Alghazanth, Funeris Nocturnum, Nocturnum, Empyrean Bane, Swallow The Sun, Verivala>>Mikko Kotamäki>>Empyrean Bane, Swallow The Sun, Verivala, Kuolemanlaakso – Solbrud, Hatursvart, Hamferð, Clouds>>JÓN ALDARÁ>>Hamferð, Clouds
G= Kyrria, In Rags, Waltari, Kreator>>SAMI YLI-SIRNIÖ>>Waltari, Kreator – Moonsorrow, Põhjast, Rytmihäiriö, Lakupaavi>>JANNE PERTTILÄ>>Moonsorrow, Põhjast, Rytmihäiriö, Lakupaavi
B= Nuxvomica, Chaosbreed, Amorphis, Mannhai>>OLLI-PEKKA LAINE>>Mannhai
D= Chaosbreed, Gore Winter, Moonsorrow, October Falls, Thy Serpent, Lakupaavi>>MARKO TARVONEN>>Moonsorrow, October Falls, Thy Serpent, Lakupaavi
K= Amorphis, Mannhai, Turisas>>Kasper Mårtenson>>Turisas – Creinium, Azgaroth>>ANTTI MYLLYNEN>>Azgaroth

Barren Earth was formed in 2007 by Olli-Pekka Laine of Amorphis fame. The band mixed modern metal influences with progressive rock of the ‘70s. The band signed to Peaceville in 2009 and followed with 2009’s Barren Earth. The band was announced as winners of that year’s newcomers in Finnish Metal Expo 2011. Barren Earth would release a new full-length album, The Devil's Resolve, on March 13th, 2012 through Peaceville Records. In the summer of 2013 the Finnish band lost vocalist Mikko Kotamäki. Apparently, the man was too busy to commit to the band.

In early 2015, Century Media Records signed Barren Earth, which featured Kreator guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö. The band’s album would be out that spring. The band called itself “death metal,” but featured a keyboardist. Jón Aldará was on vocals. Waltari’s Kimmo Korhonen joined the band as a touring guitarist.



Barren Earth