Berserker – 2017 – Nuclear Blast
From Hell With Love – 2019 – Nuclear Blast
Dark Connection – 2021 – Nuclear Blast

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Until Rain, Crosswind, Wardrum>>YANNIS PAPADOPOULOS >>Wardrum

Wisdom, Battle Beast>>ANTON KABANEN>>Wisdom – Disease, Elenium, Amberian Dawn, Merging Flare, Conquest, UDO>>KASPERI HEIKKINEN>>Merging Flare, Conquest, UDO

Wisdom>>MÁTÉ MOLNÁR>>Wisdom

Spirit Disease, Brymir>>Sami Hänninen – Sinity, Before The Dawn, Agonizer, Among The Prey, Thunderstone, Waltari>>ATTE PALOKANGAS>>Agonizer, Among The Prey, Thunderstone, Waltari

History & Biography
This Helsinki-based act came together by Anton Kabanen after leaving Battle Beast in 2015 and soon had a contract with Nukie Blast. The group opened for Nightwish in 2015. Finland-based Beast In Black's From Hell With Love album was out through Nuclear Blast in February. Sami Hänninen had left. Dark Connection featured a Metallian Towers’ serf modelling on its cover. Simultaneously Berserker reached Platinum and From Hell With Love reached Gold status in sales in Finland. The band’s Dark Connection tour featured Mister Mysery and Nestruction as openers.

Canada-based heavy metal group Striker was hitting the road in April and May 2022 to support Beast In Black for its first US and Canada headlining tour along with Seven Kingdoms. Entitled the Dark Connection Tour, the first date would kick off in Orlando, Florida on April 7th and wrap up in Detroit, Michigan on May 2nd. The band was booked for Epic Fest of Denmark for early 2024. Also booked were Iron Fire, Orden Ogan and Gloryhammer.



Beast In Black