Southern Apocalypse - 2001 - Retribute
The Last Refuge Of The Sons Of Bitches - 2002 - Retribute
The Burning South - 2004 - Dark Reign

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S= Ebola, Birds Of Prey, Plague The Suffering, Lunch, Hour Of Thirteen>>BEN HOGG>>Birds Of Prey, Plague The Suffering, Lunch, Hour Of Thirteen

G= Ebola, Hail!Hornet, Lunch, The Misanthrope Project>>VINCE BURKE>>Hail!Hornet, Lunch, The Misanthrope Project - Jim's Fault>>Erik Sundt - RICHIE SHARR


D= Jim's Fault>>CHUCK EMBER

History & Biography
Beaten Back To Pure is a Virginia-born band which was formed in 1998 by former Ebola men Ben and Vince. Many member changes later the band released a demo called Double Barrel Blasphemy in 2000 and also appeared on a CD compilation called South Of Hell which was issued through Berserker Records. In the meanwhile, bassist Kevin had moved on Mugwart. The band operated as a six-piece for a while. These garnered the band a deal with Retribute Records after the label heard the band on and issued the act's debut in 2001. Production was handled by Steve Austin of Today Is The Day in two days. Guitarist Erik Sundt would leave and Richie Sharr would join the group later and the band would record The Last Refuge Of The Sons Of Bitches. The production for the second album was handled by guitarist Vince Burke. A split-CD with Blessing The Hogs fell through. The band signed to Devil Doll Records next and issued its third album in September of 2004. The album was originally due in May. The album was supported through shows with Alabama Thunder Pussy and a headlining appearance at Emissions Of The Monolith show. The band also recorded a song for a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute album.

Beaten Back To Pure proudly brandishes its affiliation with the South. The singer cut his arms during live shows in the early days and even falsely spread rumours of a drummer's suicide to get publicity once.


The Burning South is the band's third full-length album and simultaneously the third one with a title referencing the band's Southern US allegiances. One can write volumes about the narrow-minded confines of jingoism, regionalism and American prejudice so let us instead divert our attention to the musical aspect of this volatile band. Beaten Back To Pure is a moody, doomy, heavy band with dirty riffs, down-trodden music and a smoky vocal approach. The entire outing smells of the type of plodding rock that is often referenced with names like Saint Vitus (check out the solo on Running Out Of Neck), COC, old Soundgarden, Black Flag and Danzig. The music has a loose attitude, is sometimes untight and even sounds like a pounding jam session at times. This feeling is, perhaps deliberately, reinforced by the live-sounding production. It is entirely underground, care-free, distant and hateful and no matter which tempo - song number five Where The Sewer Meets The Sea is played at a comical one - the band plays at the proceedings betray a volatile spirit. Little wonder then that the album ends in a daze of melancholy. - Ali "The Metallian"


Beaten Back To Pure