Beautiful Creatures - 2001 - Warner
Deuce - 2006 - JVC

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Bang Tango, L.A. Guns>>JOE LeSTE>>Bang Tango

Bulletboys>>DJ Ashba>>DJ Ashba, Guns N Roses - Tommi Gunn, Alice Cooper, Jones Street>>ANTHONY FOCX - Flotsam & Jetsam, Lynch Mob, Oil>>Mark Simpson - Angry Salad, Fastmaster, Bang Tango, Jani Lane, Quiet Riot, Ignite>>Alex Grossi>>Love/Hate, Bang Tango, Fastmaster, Jani Lane, Ignite, Liberty N’ Justice

Shake The Faith, Villains Of Vaudeville>>KENNY KWEENS>>Villains Of Vaudeville

Saga, Tony McAlpine, Impelliteri>>Glen Sobel>>Impelliteri – Bang Tango>>Timmy Russell

History & Biography
Beautiful Creatures is a 21st Century hard rock band from Los Angeles, but its roots can be found in the glorious '80s. Bullet Boys’ guitarist DJ Ashba formed the group in the summer of 1999. Nearly all the other members had racked up experience in other strip bands. Several false starts later, with members coming and going, a band was patched together including guitarist Focx on drums. The bands first show featured drummer Glen Sobel. Oddly enough, the press reported that the band is contemplating a name change to Hellstar. By late 2000 the buzz had grown and a surprising source would offer the band a contract. The group would be signed to Warner for North America, while Metal Edge’s Paul Gargano provided management. The band was able to issue an album in 2001 and tour as part of Ozzfest in its support. The songs 1 A.M. and Ride appeared on the Valentine and Roller Ball film soundtracks. Beautiful Creatures' music was used on television as well. 1 A.M. was heard on the Smallville serial, while Wasted was played on The Man Show. Not surprisingly, the band was promoted as anything, but 'hard rock' by the label and with sales not being great the group was dropped in 2002.

Founding member Ashba would subsequently quit. Michale Thomas would replace him. Several other members came and went, but the band persevered. It was not until late 2003 that Japan’s JVC offered the band a contract for that country. A year later the band would obtain an American contract with Spitfire Records. This version has new guitar work. Grossi’s work was out. The European version would eventually appear in 2006 with four bonus songs. All versions featured different covers partly owing to the different labels and corresponding contracts. A US tour for January of 2006 was cancelled. A tour in Europe was also cancelled when the headliner pulled out.

Beautiful Creatures reformed with Leste, Focx. Kweens, Grossi and Russell in February of 2017 and announced a new release of Deuce.


Beautiful Creatures is the offspring of Guns N Roses and LA Guns and sister to Velvet Revolver. Deuce is the band’s second album and a wonder onto itself. The band was dropped by a major label which usually is the death knell of many a band.
Perris’ version features several demo (listen for the drum machine on the second version of Straight To Hell) and live bonus songs, which is a plus, but the core of the material is cool hard rocking songs representing the current LA hard rock sound. The offbeat tracks are Get Up, which sounds like Steven Tyler is screaming on top of a White Zombie song, the Nine Inch Nail-like Never and Tear’in Me Up which lifts a rhythm or two from Pat Benatar’s song Invincible. Elsewhere, this is hardy rock - and a couple of ballads - played by serious musicians who know their instruments which fans of above-named bands need. - Ali “The Metallian”


Beautiful Creatures