Horny Malformity>>Pseudochrist>>Diabolus>>BEHERIT - FINLAND

The Oath Of Black Blood - 1991 - Turbo
Drawing Down The Moon - 1993 - Turbo
H4180v21.c - 1994 - Spinefarm
Electric Doom Synthesis - 1996 - Spinefarm
Engram - 2009 - Spinefarm

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S= Demon The Seventh Son Of Fornication - Suuri Shamaani>>NUCLEAR HOLOCAUSTO [MARKO LAIHO]>>Suuri Shamaani
B= Demon The Seventh Son Of Fornication - BLACK JESUS [ARJO WENNSTRÖM]
D= The Last Slaughter - Necroperversor

Early 1990 tapes of the band were the likes of Seventh Blasphemy, Demonomancy, Dawn Of Satan's Millennium and Diabolus. Much like countrymen Impaled Nazarene, Beherit, in its early guise, was one of the most Satanic and controversial bands on the scene. Rumours of sacrifice and the band playing live with its back to the audience, etc. were fed to the public. The sound was extremely harsh, raw and the attitude made Morbid Angel look downright friendly. The band's debut was nothing more than a compilation of the band's demos and one which Beherit claimed was unauthorized. Furthermore, Beherit claimed that at that time Turbo sent the band $100 to record a second album! The band was joined in 1992 by the former drummer of Impaled Nazarene and several of the live songs from this era were on the Beast Of Beherit album. Still, as the album names demonstrate, the band became ever more experimental and the fans and the band soon disappeared. Judging by the names and sound, the band might have harboured some Blasphemy influence. The last two albums were electronic pieces. Suuri Shamaaniwas an ambient band.

The Beherit/Archgoat split was reissued by ISO666 on CD in 2004. The band was back in 2007 and would release a new album, called Engram, on April 9th, 2009 through Spinefarm.


OK, first thing’s first: purists will be relieved to know that Beherit (Syriac for 'Satan') hasn’t evolved in any sort of boundary-pushing direction á la recent wave of USBM bands eager to move black metal into previously uncharted territory. Beherit’s stick-with-the-paradigm approach to Engram isn’t as surprising as one might imagine given the Finnish group’s experimentation with ambient soundscapes before the band’s late '90s break-up, and therein lies Engram’s strength: by refusing to move forward, Beherit’s ultra-traditional take on black metal marks a glorious return for Beherit mainman Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance, Engram an entirely vengeful collection of second-wave black metal that rages without relent nor any sort of remorse. Though eschewing ice-cold Darkthrone production for a shockingly bass heavy (in a black metal context) sound, Engram is still a true-obsessed record that has defied expectations and placed Beherit back into an elite sphere. Prepare yourself for one of '09’s top black metal releases. - James Tape