Extraction From Mortality - 1989 - REX
Sanity Obscure - 1990 - Roadrunner
Dimensions - 1993 - Roadrunner
The Chosen Live - 2007 - ERMI
Gabriel - 2009 - Cesspool Records/Metal Blade
Transhuman - 2011 - Metal Blade

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Kr'uppt>>KURT BACHMAN>>Kr'uppt - Dave Baddorf - Transmission, Conviction>>Jim Winters>>Conviction, Vigil, Earth Crisis, The Promise, Starkweather - KEVIN LEAMAN

Howe Kraft - Wyatt Robertson - Jim Winters

Fountain Of Tears>>JOEY DAUB>>Fountain Of Tears

Fountain Of Tears>>JEFF KING>>Fountain Of Tears

Scott Laird

History & Biography
Roadrunner had managed to create some hype around this white metal band. The group played the North American live circuit including the Milwaukee Metal Fest. A planned co-press conference with Satanist band Deicide fell apart at the last minute after being viewed as ludicrous. Sadly, the band's music didn't maintain its appeal and as the extreme and thrash elements decreased and progressive elements grew, the metal fans trickled away.

The group reformed in 2007. The Chosen Live was also issued in 2007. These live tracks from the Extraction From Mortality era were released early on a Dutch label. Poland’s Metal Mind released the band’s early albums all over again. Inspired by its success with Tourniquet, Metal Blade Records also signed Believer in late 2008. The band was to issue a new album in the spring. The reformed Believer announced Gabriel as the title for its album, which was now due on March 17th through Cesspool Records/Metal Blade. Cesspool was the label of Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones' label. In the summer of 2014, Believer bassist Jeff King announced he has had a “very aggressive case of ulcerative colitis,” an autoimmune disease that attacks the large intestines. The band still was in recording mode. The band uploaded songs called 1 Of 5, 2 Of 5 and 3 of 5 in 2017 and stopped. The band opened for Incantation at the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest Kickoff Party in 2018. The next promise was of a coming full-length. The act went on hiatus instead.