Bellzlleb – 1989 - Nude
Section II ある愚者の生涯 – 1990 - Captain
Mr. Ree ~傀儡とSAD~ - 1991 – Free-Will

S= Koizumi Atsuko – Hardware>>REI [YOSHIYUKI MIYAMOTO]>>Samurai Blondies, Spooky Six Mouse
G= Love House, Zeus>>TETSU [TETSUJI YAMADA]>>幻覚アレルギー, Spooky Six Mouse, E.G.O.
B= Rick [Norihiko Hayashi]>>Spooky Six Mouse – Jurassic Jade>>Mataro – Salamander>>Takami>>Rosenfeld
D= Love House>>Yuji>>Scarecrow – Fumi - YOSHIAKI KIMURA>>幻覚アレルギー

This Japan-based black metal band with a palindrome monicker was spawned in Chiba prefecture just east of Tokyo by junior high schoolboys guitarist Tetsu and drummer Yuji in 1984. The group’s style veered between punk, oi and metal. The band had several releases and performed many concerts before disbanding in 1992. The band combined its occult black metal with a visual kei style, occasional face paint, fetishism and occult passages.

The band’s first show was at Chiba Dancing Mother’s (Chiba danshingumazā) in Chiba City, Chiba in 1985 where Presence and others played. This club was by the Keisei line’s Chiba-Chūō Station. This club’s owner would run another café called lc Mothers or Live Café Mothers nearby years later. The group competed in the Yamaha East West battle of bands in 1985. The group was offered the chance to open for Black Rose. Explosion Records released an EP, called Satanic Metal, in late 1986. The female singer here was Koizumi Atsuko. The label added the band to its Heavy Metal Force IV sampler alongside Impact, Hercury and others. Koizumi left citing health concerns, but that is a common refrain in Japan for musical or personal differences or anything else for that matter. It was back to demoland in 1988 however. Rei or ‘spirit’ was on vocals now. Yuji was gone. The newer singer and a new rhythm section issued a full-length late in 1989. The second album would be on yet another label despite arriving a mere six months later. Section II’s name translated to ‘The Life Of A Fool.’ Still in 1990 Captain Records issued a single called 祈り or ‘prayer.’ This was a ritualistic and non-metal release and likely opportunistic as the act was without a bassist or drummer. Guerrilla was a 1992 underground tape, which lead to the band’s last release. Free-Will issued a farewell live video ironically called (Dead Don’t Die). The final show was at Tokyo club Rockmaykan with Kuroyume. Two members moved on to 幻覚アレルギー. Several members regrouped in Spooky Six Mouse.