All Over You - 2005 - Screaming Ferret

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Beowulf, Crimson Glory, Sector 9, Parish>>BEN JACKSON - ROSE SEXTON

Beowulf, Crimson Glory, Sector 9, Parish>>BEN JACKSON>>Crimson Glory - Steel Angel, Alias, Tantrum>>MARK BORGMEYER>>The Lost Boys, Crimson Glory

High Voltage, Southern Impact>>Danny Binz

Parish, Suicide Squeeze>>RICH TABOR

History & Biography
Guitarist and singer Ben Jackson is the former Crimson Glory musician who has launched his own band. He was born in Ohio and moved to Florida at age seven. The group issued an independent album called Here I Come in 2001 as a trio. Here I Come featured Ben's first effort at lead vocals. Guitarist John Bajas participated in this recording. Rose Sexton (Kid TNT) was inducted into the band for the second album in order to perform backing vocals and showcse her toned body. The recroding took place at Morrisound studio in the band's home state of Florida. Crimson Glory singer Midnight also contributed some vocals to this album. Bassist Dano Binz would leave the band in the spring of 2005. He ws replaced by Italian bassist Fabrizio Fulco. SG Records announced that Fabrizio Fulco's Lost Reflection had signed a deal with the label to publish Florida, the first album by the band from Rome.


Whether it is Ben Jackson Group or just Ben Jackson depends on which you believe, the cover or the side panel. The new band of former Crimson Glory guitarist Ben Jackson sees him take over the lead vocals as well and issue an album inspired by good old viable '80s-styled hard rock. Not being sure of his vocals, Jackson has recruited an eye candy called Rose Sexton on backing vocals whose body will do much to attract men to the album. She also has an appropriate voice. That is not a bad thing, but the guys could have used some long hair themselves. Who wants to see a banker or a office worker rock out?
The music is pretty good and rather dependable. There are not any moments of epiphany which make the listener jump out of his seat, but given the rarity of honest hard rock nowadays this mixture of Queensrÿche, Slaughter, late Savatage and Bon Jovi will do. All Over You is a fun slab of hard 'n heavy, but the band should crank it up a notch next time around. - Sheila Wes Det


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