Chainsaw Execution - 2001 - Sombre
Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw - 2002 - Metal Blood
Evoke The Desecrator - 2003 - Osmose
Gospel Of The Insane - 2006 - Osmose
Slaying The Life - 2007 - Season Of Mist

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Psychomantum, Sadistic Grimness>>MASTER MOTORSAG [CARL BILDT] [JOHAN SAHLIN]>>Ensnared, Con, Tehom

Conspiracy, Kaross, M:pati, Illdåd, Zyclone System>>MICKE DOOMANFANGER PETERSSON - Kaross, Psycomantum>>Ted Bundy

Zyclone System, Rawhide>>ROB DEVILPIG>>Rawhide

Kill, Sons Of Satan, Zyclone System, Rawhide>>CARL WARSLAUGHTER [CARL WOCKATZ]>>Kill, Sons Of Satan, Rawhide, Funeral Curse, Diabolicum, Gravfraktal

History & Biography
Sweden's Bestial Mockery was formed in 1995 and featured Master Motorsag, Micke 'Doomanfanger' Petersson, Jocke Christcrusher and Carl Warslaughter. Christcrusher would leave before the Battle demo tape which was released in 1996.

Several bassists later the quartet issued demos called Possessed By Erection, Chainsaw Demons Return and War, The Final Solution. The blackened band also issued a split-EP with Lust on Impaler Of Trendies Productions of France and would induct Mr. Devilpig in 1999. The band's next venture would be a CD version of War, The Final Solution. The band's next release, the split-EP Nuclear Goat with Suicidal Winds, would soon run into controversy due to its featuring Hitler on the cover.

The band would finally issue a full-length CD in the summer of 2001 called Chainsaw Execution. This CD was in fact a compilation of the band's demo and live songs thus far and oddly had the nearly-same title (Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw) as an earlier demo. A second guitarist called Ted Bundy would enter the fray. The act would soon release a second full-length CD. Bestial Mockery would sign to Osmose Productions in the spring of 2003 for its third album. The band reportedly signed its latest contract on the night of a show with Destroyer 666, sister band Kill and former EP and band colleagues Suicidal Winds. This album was originally announced for Downfall Records in Gothenburg. Evoke The Desecrator would appear in December of 2003. The band's proposed tour of the BeNeLux was soon postponed from December to February of 2004.

Next up was a demo called Sepulchral Wrath, a split-LP with Unholy Massacre and preparation for a new album called Gospel For The Insane. The band signed with Season Of Mist for 2007’s Slaying The Life. The group split up only to return as usual in 2011 and to disband in 2012. Aggressive Protector (Michael Carlsson of Mastema) was on guitar. The Swedes have cited Fascism and Satanism as influences. The band used an electric chainsaw as a motif.


This band's moniker is an odd one. This reviewer can't be the only person wondering about a band calling itself, 'Bestial Mockery?' Perhaps, it is a function of the Swedes' conflicted nature. After all, here are four guys professing love for heavy metal, Satan and Hitler. It would probably make a full-time psychoanalytical practice onto itself.
Evoke The Desecrator is a raw and bludgeoning album crammed with blackened death metal. Think old Sacramentum, Bestial Warslut and early Kreator, with the latter acting as mentor for the precious few guitar solos present. On a not so good a note, BM is not exactly an adventurous listen. One song is pretty much the same as the next one. A couple of better ones are Goats Feast and Necroslut. These stand out. Otherwise, those fans who can cast aside these musical shackles in favour of image, power and passion will revel in titles like Chainsaw Demons Return, Necromantic Ritual Desecration (Of A Sacrosanct Angel) or Death Upon The Holy Skies. - Ali "The Metallian"

Here at Metallian Towers the knights thrive on metal that is pure and strong. No one wills or wants to stand in the way of the fountain of the gods, heavy metal music. It is the code of the land and one by which we stand. It was thus ironic when one of the serfs brought forth a message from Master Motorsag, the singer for Sweden's Bestial Mockery, expressing the musician's unhappiness with the review of that band's new album, Evoke The Desecrator. Master Motorsag, a.k.a. Carl Bildt, was unhappy with our characterization of Bestial Mockery as a fascist band. He had sent word that he would appreciate setting the record straight. While we stand by our review what follows is the text of a conversation conducted by Ali "The Metallian" with Herr Motorsag on everything relating to Bestial Mockery. Let the readers be the judge whether he set the record straight or not. - 30.01.2004

METALLIAN: Master Motorsag, you were less than impressed by my review describing you as supporting Fascism. You have said you support Hitler in previous interviews I have read.
MASTER MOTORSAG: Hell-o Goatpals! Master here from Bestial Mockery. We have just released our second album entitled Evoke The Desecrator through Osmose Productions. We also have two new split-EPs out , one with Vomitor, Nocturnal and Toxic Holocaust entitled Outbreak Of Evil and one entitled Tribute to I-17 with Axis Powers. Beside that we have T-shirts, long-sleeves and ritual hoods for sale on Osmose's site Also check out our own site for further updates or sales.
First of all, let's make one thing clear. Bestial Mockery is a Satanic band and not a political band. Politics belong in fucking hardcore and other lefty genres. Well, I was not impressed by your article since it was full of mistakes and did lack a background research. Second about the review, I don't care if people don't like us, but everyone should give the music a chance and not judge it before they have listened to it. I heard that's what they call prejudice, eh? About our music and lyrics, there has never been anything racial in any of our lyrics. Hatred for most of this stinking mankind, yes, but not for any particular group. If any member, including I, has expressed extreme points of view, he has always made it clear that it is his own opinion and not Bestial Mockery's.
It is not strange to have extreme opinions in black metal since it is the most extreme form of hate music there is. I am trained to shoot and kill and I see myself as Satan's soldier and at war with all that I hate in this stinking world. Black metal ain't supposed to be nice. Black metal is war! Bestial Mockery will make black metal a threat again and I know it won't be accepted and that ain't the point either. Also, in our demented horde we have other strange persons like the man who makes most of the music, Doomanfanger. He is a punk and whenever he answers interviews he might share his opinions and they may be anarchistic. I don't know and I don't care, but I won't have anyone label us anarchistic because of that, because those are his opinions and not the agenda of Bestial Mockery. We worship the Devil and all that is evil!

METALLIAN: Bestial Mockery has used Hitler's artwork, worked with NSBM labels and has shared releases with bands which support Fascism. Why are you changing your tune now?
MASTER MOTORSAG: We have used a painting of a bombed-out church painted by this artist during World War I. I don't see a problem with that. We used it because it fit the post-nuclear holocaust mood we evoked on the split-EP Nuclear Goat. I mean if I use a cover by Petagno or Moyen then I am not interested who they vote for as long as the picture fits the music. I don't know which label we worked with that would be NS. We have worked with so many labels like Impaler Of Trendies, Deathstrike Records, Sombre Records, Downfall Records, Metal Blood Music, Warlord Records, Agonia Production, Witching Metal Records and Osmose Productions. The only real NS labels I even know about are No Colours and Vinland Winds and all their bands aren't even NS either, most are Satanic. But anyhow, if we ever worked with a NS label it would not be a problem for us as long as they released our stuff, the same goes if it were a punk label. We don't care as long as they do a good job with our release. I mean we have been on Impaler Of Trendies and they have released stuff with Agothocles.
Or you maybe mean Osmose? Sorry, but they are not a NS label either although they have released many bands with semi-fascist connections such as Marduk, Angelcorpse, Order From Chaos, Demoniac, Impiety, etc. Don't get me wrong here, I like all these bands.
And now to the bands we have released splits with like Suicidal Winds. They are a Satanic band which used to be on No Colours. Lust is a Satanic band with many lyrical influences from Order From Chaos and Angelcorpse. Toxic Holocaust is a Satanic band. Nocturnal is a thrash band from Germany. Axis Powers is a death metal band which sings about warfare much influenced by the dismemberment concept. Vomitor is Satanic death metal and uses warhelmets and bulletbelts in the Australian war metal tradition. So these were all the bands we have done splits with. Yeah, we also have an upcoming split LP with Unholy Massacre. They were a nihilistic metal band from Brazil in the vein of Sarcofago. And no, we definitely don't change our tone now, we just want to set the record straight. If people wanna hate us they should hate us for the right reasons.

METALLIAN: What is the connection between Bestial Mockery and the bands Kill and Suicidal Winds?
MASTER MOTORSAG: Well, we played a gig last May together with those bands and our mates Destroyer 666. Also, Kill and Suicidal Winds are our brothers-in-arm. These bands are some of the few which have found the Devil and are proud of it. Suicidal Winds comes from the same town as us so, of course, there are numerous connections. I sometimes write lyrics for them, we drink and beat people up together, etc. With Kill, they are our brothers as well. They come from Gothenburg which is eighty kilometres from our town Uddevalla. I was originally supposed to do vocals for them three years ago. We are in the same allied group along with Nifelheim - who also drew their logo - plus some other bands. Warslaughter our drummer used to do vocals for them live and on one record. He also wrote lyrics for them. They are our brothers and I am proud of them!

METALLIAN: Are you currently in any other bands?
MASTER MOTORSAG: No, I am not in any other bands. Warslaughter, as I said earlier, used to be in Kill. Doomanfanger has multitude of bands he has been in or is in. Some I remember are Zyclone System, a punk/grind band which also featured Devilpig and Warslaughter, M:pati which was a Discharge-ish punk band and Illdåd which was a raw punk band. Ted Bundy and I use to be in the Nordic black metal band Psychomantum, along with Bestial's first bass player and Thomas the current drummer of Suicidal Winds. Me and Doomanfanger also used to do guest vocals and write some lyrics for our mates Obligatorisk Tortyr an extreme grind metal monster which released an album on Osmose. Devilpig has a Rock 'n' roll band in the Turbonegro, Ramones and Misfits style called Rawhide which is named after the Clint Eastwood movie.

METALLIAN: OK and while we are on the topic, what does the slogan 'purify Sweden' mean to you?
MASTER MOTORSAG: It does not mean shit to me. It is the title of one of the songs of one of Sweden's leading black metal bands, Lord Belial. They are our mates and the only time I used that sentence was when talking about their new release. Their track is about cleansing Sweden from Christians and other religions. I don't care, I am not a nationalist; I am a Satanist.

METALLIAN: Thank you for delving into the topic for the readers. Let us leave the judgment to the readers and shift the line of questioning. In that sense, What are the themes behind your new album?
MASTER MOTORSAG: Darkness and desecration. War and hellfire. We're not here to preach, but to evoke feelings of hate and the will to destroy. We mean what we say. Peace is for the blind. Hunt the sheep as the fucking prey that they are. Set aside morals of the celestial lie and tear down the walls of a dying truth! The heavens shall burn and blood shall flow. We want hell!
This album was meant to be darker than the previous one and have an eerie mood set to evoke the spirits of damnation and desecration. If the first LP represented the savages on the battlefield, this one is more like a grave desecration orgy with the nuclear holocaust as the background.

METALLIAN: Lofty goals, of course. Which takes me to the obvious question. How did you get signed to Osmose? Specifically, is it true that the contract was signed on the night of a show?
MASTER MOTORSAG: We recorded our album Evoke The Desecrator in March and then sent some copies out to labels to gauge the reactions. Osmose contacted us several days later and said they wanted to sign us for several records. And yes, we signed it on the 'Day Of Destruction' gig with Destroyer 666, Bestial Mockery, Kill and Suicidal Winds.

METALLIAN: Whatever happened to Downfall Records to which you were signed?
MASTER MOTORSAG: We had an old contract with them that we bought ourselves out from and then signed to Osmose. Downfall were great in supporting us several years back, but it was better if Osmose released this album.

METALLIAN: Obviously, and in that context, can you describe your band musically? What does Bestial Mockery offer that others do not?
MASTER MOTORSAG: We are a black metal band with deathtrash influences and add to that our trademark of the chainsaw and insanity. There you have the foul brew which is Bestial Mockery and will get you stark raving mad! Our influences were and will forever remain: Bathory, Sodom, Sadistik Exekution, Slayer, Anticimex and of course Venom. We don't offer anything which has not been done before, but we are not retro bullshit or keyboard bullock. We are Devil worshipers playing black metal the way it should be, harsh, raw and deadly.

METALLIAN: In your opinion, does Satan have cloven hoof and horns or is he better represented by The Church Of Satan?
MASTER MOTORSAG: My master Satan is the almighty ruler of this world and he has many forms since he is a deceiver. Sometimes he works with the cross and sometimes he works with the inverted one. Anyhow Lucifer, Satan and the Devil are all the same to me. The Devil's appearance and ways I cannot know and fully understand since I am merely a mortal, but since he has appeared throughout history in the shape of a goat or with horns I guess that is an incarnation or shape which pleases or amuses my Master; therefore I think of my Lord as the Horned One. And no, I think using Church of Satan's weak and toothless description of my Master is a mockery. Although whenever his named is used, or even misused, it pleases him since he is a jealous god. I also want to set something straight. I don't worship my lord in an attempt to save myself once I am cast down into the fiery chasm where I belong. I have not a choice. I am an Antichrist by damnation. My soul is sworn to sulphur and flame. Also to other so-called religious Devilworshippers I say, I don't see the reason why talking in zines etc. about how you will misguide mankind with lies, etc. makes sense when you are talking about your plans and second why try to tell this to already-converted souls and lastly do not think you have a mission and that your little puny lives will ever matter except we simply must chant the gospel for the insane which black and death metal is!
Bow down for Satan! He is the god of fire and vengeance worship him!

METALLIAN: Thank you for the point-of-view... What is the latest with the band? I know that your tour was postponed.
MASTER MOTORSAG: We are planning for our tour with Suicidal Winds, Perditor and Lugubre which is called Revenge Of The Desecrators and takes place in February and will take us to The Netherlands where the best audience is and Germany where the best beer is. Then we also will tour Italy in May. We have our new album and two split-EPs out now which we sell and promote. Why the tour was postponed was due to too many clubs in The Netherlands being otherwise booked right before the 'X-massacre' of the Jesus child. We are also working on our new demo called Sepulchral Wrath so beware!

METALLIAN: That is news here. Can you give some information on Sepulchral Wrath?
MASTER MOTORSAG: Yes, it is the title of our next demo. It probably will feature six new tracks and will be made in 666 copies to poison the underground with.
Me and Warslaughter's thoughts for this one were to make more mid-paced songs in a more thrashy style. Some titles are Satan's Devilsaw, The Witches Song, Sepulchral Wrath, Sworn To Darkness and Devilworship. It will be a classic demo with no fancy shit, just cut and paste and photocopied with a cover I am sure will feature a church and a graveyard or some evil shit like that. It feels good to do a demo while being on Osmose. You know, the blood of the underground still flows thick in the poisoned veins of Bestial Mockery. We are also working on a split-LP with Unholy Massacre, RIP, and we also have made some tracks for the next LP on Osmose which is going to be called Gospel For The Insane.

METALLIAN: Let us go back for a moment before we complete the conversation. Why did your demo and compilation CD have the same name?
MASTER MOTORSAG: Oh no, this is wrong! Our compilation LP was actually Chainsaw Execution entitled so for an unreleased song. The first demo tape - out of three - and the first LP bear the same title though, namely Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw due to their sharing many songs. Also the covers are based on the same concept.

METALLIAN: Finally, and this is a source of personal puzzlement. What does the band's name mean? It seems like an odd moniker.
MASTER MOTORSAG: Bestial Mockery means the ultimate and total fuck off to everyone and everything. I spit on your life, a worthless fucking lie, nothing can stop the blasphemies, devoted to death. Now fuck off (emphatically)!

There you have it. Whether Master Motorsag is convincing or not is up to the each of you. Bottom-line though is the music of Bestial Mockery. Check it out.

Bestial Mockery