Diabolical Desecration - 1996 - Osmose
Pentagram Prayer - 1997 - Osmose
Hell Comes To Essen - 1999 - Osmose
At The Gates Of Hell - 1999 - Osmose
Rise Of The Antichrist - 2002 - Osmose
Spiritual Warfare - 2006 - Regain

Bewitched image
Ancient Wisdom>>Vargher [Marcus Norman]>>Throne Of Ahaz - Katatonia, Diabolical Masquerade>>Blackheim [Anders Nystrom]>>Diabolical Masquerade, Bloodbath - Throne Of Ahaz, Ancient Wisdom>>VARGHER [MARCUS NORMAN]>>Throne Of Ahaz

Ancient Wisdom, Naglfar>>Vargher [Marcus Norman]>>Throne Of Ahaz, Naglfar - Katatonia, Diabolical Masquerade>>Blackheim [Anders Nystrom]>>Diabolical Masquerade, Bloodbath - Guillotine>>Spider>>Guillotine - A. HELLFIRE - Throne Of Ahaz, Ancient Wisdom, Naglfar>>VARGHER [MARCUS NORMAN]>>Throne Of Ahaz, Naglfar

Naglfar, Setherial, Diabolicum>>WRATHYR [KRISTOFER OLIVIUS]>>Naglfar, Setherial, Diabolicum

Reaper - Nocturnal Rites, Naglfar, Ancient Wisdom>>Stormlord [Ulf Andersson]

History & Biography
The Swedish mob got together out of a desire to establish a studio project that pays tribute to the likes of Bathory, Venom and Mercyful Fate. A demo called Hellspell was recorded early on. Encyclopaedia Of Evil is a MCD of cover songs and At The Gates of Hell features Canadian heavy metaller Thor on the vocals of Let The Blood Run Red.

A MCD called Atrocities In A Minor was issued in 2004 on Regain Records. A full-length was promised for late 2004. An album surfaced in late 2006 through regain Records which featured singer and guitarist Vargher and session drummer Marc Malice. The group showed up at the Party Sun Metal Open Air in 2007.


After several years on Osmose Productions and several subsequent years of silence Sweden’s Bewitched is back with one of the best retro death/thrash/black/headbanging metal releases ever .
Spiritual Warfare is the sound of early Destruction circa Infernal Overkill, the guitar tone of Celtic Frost, the inflection of Schmier, the snarl of Cronos and the occasional bout speed surrounded by loads of heavy and dense riffing. In essence, this group wanted to hear more songs in the vein of the heady mid-'80s underground and finding the supply limited began composing its own songs. Vargher’s vocals are menacing, but clear enough that one understands the words and deciphers the lyrics, although ironically the song Spiritual Warfare itself is an instrumental with shades of Slayer. Gracefallen is a total Celtic Frost tribute with the customary 'uuuooohh' and My Skin Loves The Steel begins with fast rhythm reminiscent of Judas Priest’s Freewheel Burning. Most songs have clear chorus sections, but fewer have leads and those that do never get too complicated. In fact, Bewitched and 'technical' are not two words that will ever get mentioned in the same sentence except in the context of contradiction. Spiritual Warfare is a simple, yet highly effective and heavy, affair for fans of the original underground. - Ali “The Metallian”