Pity Love - 1995 - Candlelight
Revelry - 1998 - Misanthropy
In Reverie - 1999 - Eibon
Electric Sulking Machine - 1999 - Peaceville
Frysh - 2003 - Peaceville

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Inferno>>Tore Gjedrem>>Inferno - Burmatek, Sulphur 8>>ESPEN INGIERD>>Sulphur 8, Burmatek - KATE HAVNEVIK

ESPEN INGIERD - Excremist, Camp Houston>>PETER HAAVIK>>Camp Houston

Excremist, Inferno>>TORE GJEDREM>>Inferno

Hagalaz Runedance, Lamented Souls, Inferno, Burmatek, Bomberos>>EINAR SJURSØ>>Inferno, Lamented Souls, Burmatek, Bomberos, Hagalaz Runedance

Dag Midbrød

History & Biography
Petter Haavik and bassist/growler Tore Gjedrem had played around with covers and originals in a band called Excremist. The Oslo band's first sign of life was 1990's Tales From An Extinguished World. The band soon gained live experience by opening for Valhall in Oslo. Inspired by Neil Gaiman's Sandman, the band recorded a second demo called Heaven's Dark Reflection. Sindre Goksøyr (later in Piledriver and Gluecifer) was let go and replaced by Ingierd. As can be deduced from the line-up, Beyond Dawn wasn't exactly a metal band.

Heaven's Dark Reflection lead to a contract with France's Adipocere Records. The label released a 7" EP entitled Up Through The Linear Shades which was followed by the Longing For Scarlet Days EP in 1994.

The band was rather a psychedelic and doomy affair and backed its drummer with a drum machine.

Also in 1994 the band released a demo called Horns In The Eye Of The Chosen which gained the band a new recording contract - this time with England's Candlelight Records. Pity Love was released in November of 1995 and followed by shows with Red Harvest and Cybele among others. In 1996 the Norwegians began working on a project called In Reverie. This being an acoustic album, Candlelight not only refused to release the product, but also dropped the band from its roster. The band was fortunate that Misanthropy Records was willing to step in. The band released the Revelry album in 1998. Despite the similarities in the names, the album was not akin to the aborted acoustic project. Revelry featured Kate Havnevik.

In Reverie was released by Italy's Eibon Records in 1999. The album featured two remixes of Revelry songs.

Misanthropy exited the scene and the band found itself on its third English label Peaceville. Electric Sulking Machine was recorded in Liverpool and marked the departure of Dag Midbrød. The group appeared on the Norwegian national television twice. An album called Far From The Showbiz was promised.

The band appeared on a Nocturnal Art Production sampler with the song Atmosphere in 2001. In the summer of 2002 the band announced that a new album was planned through Peaceville for 2003 entitled Frysh. The said album was issued in the late summer of 2003. We're Down With Species Of Any Kind of 2005 was a remix of the Frysh material and issued through Duplicate Records. The electro-rock band was at an end.

Sjursø edited a fanzine called Dawnrazor and the band members were active within the ranks of several other groups.



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