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Eternal Pestilence - 2006 - Abhore

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G= CHRIS FINLAY - Dave St-Louis

B= Darren Favot - DAVE ST-LOUIS



History & Biography
Chris Finlay and Paul Larochelle formed Sudbury, Canada’s Beyond Within in 2002. The founders had to go through two monickers before something unexploited was found. The band issued the Belligerence demo a year later, but singer Dan Brousseau was already replaced. Darren Favot was recruited in 2004. Endless Torture followed in 2005, as did the Evil Minds disc. The band soon signed with fledgling label Abhore Records and oversaw the release of 2006’s Eternal Pestilence. The band has opened for Cryptopsy and Anvil among others. Pat Malette replaced Dave St-Louis on guitar in 2006.


Canada’s Beyond Within could have rated a ninety in my book were it not for several easily correctable fallacies in its approach to metal. The band benefits from a strong and aggressive vocalist, superb rhythm and even better solos and even a drummer who is not afraid to try a different beat here and there. It all adds up to a great combination. How many have you been disappointed by metal bands that should, by all rights be hard-hitting, yet end up sounding bland and boring? Beyond Within is the opposite. Just when you think the band should suck it comes back with a powerful riff, rhythm or lead.
On the down side, the band has a full-time keyboardist. Isn’t that the domain of kiddie metal band members who were born this side of 1993? Can’t tell you why a band with a strong rhythm fills its sound with a keyboard or why the band would jump on a trendy ingredient. What I can say is that it diminishes this bunch. Then there is the generic name and album title, which were the initial cause of my worries.
Never mind that last statement though. The band sounds like a mixture of Dark Tranquillity, Norther and Eternal Tears Of Sorrow all mixed with its own sound. A few sound glitches and a weaker drum sound are not conducive to enjoyment either, but overall Beyond Within is surprisingly good. - Anna Tergel


Beyond Within