Firewater At My Command - 2002 - Genuflect
Tight Empire - 2003 - Raw Deth
Brutality, Majesty, Eternity - 2005 - Scarey
The Diabolic Procession - 2006 - Cruz Del Sur
Freedom Metal - 2009 - Cruz Del Sur
For the Love Of Thugs & Fools - 2012 - Cruz Del Sur

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Mark Hoffmann

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History & Biography
Hailing from Chicago Bible Of The Devil is a four-piece hard rock band influenced by the earlier bands of the genre. The band has toured on both sides of the Atlantic and released albums on a number of irrelevant record labels, including two split singles with The Lord Weird Slough Feg and The Last Vegas.

The band signed to Italy’s Cruz Del Sur Music and issued it’s the Diabolic Procession album in the summer of 2006. The group and Valkyrie from the US issued a split single in 2008. Greg Spalding, who works in a concert booking agency, organized the Alehorn Of Power fest. The band and Blade Of The Ripper had a split in 2009. Bible Of The Devil's Parched In The Western World tour got underway in the spring of 2010 at the Cobra Lounge in Chicago. Joining the band for the majority of the dates were the Slough Feg, as well as acts like Naam, Leeches Of Lore, Darkblack and more. Chicago’s Bible Of The Devil announced the completion of its sixth full-length album and third for Cruz Del Sur Music. It was due out on May 8th 2012. It was entitled For the Love Of Thugs And Fools and was the follow-up to its 2008 release, Freedom Metal. Veteran Chicago band Bible Of The Devil was heading out on a 14-date In Raw We Trust tour in support of its release, For the Love of Thugs & Fools. Singer Mark Hoffmann departed in 2013. Nate and Darren took over. Chris Grubbs also joined on guitar.

The band underwent a pause until 2019’s Feel It demo although there were shows and touring in 2017 and 2018. The demo was taped between 2017 and 2018. The band opened for Enuff Z’Nuff locally in March 2022.


Mid-West America’s Bible OF The Devil is as underground as it can get having released four albums. Gee, thanks a lot Mister for releasing our albums and giving them no promotion, the band should tell its former masters. Pseudo-capitalism aside, the gang is now homed with Italy’s Cruz Del Sur label, which is presumably according the group better treatment. How could it not? Well, perhaps by not re-printing odious words like “rock 'n roll metal assault squad,” in reference to the group.
The collective name of singer and guitarist Mark Hoffmann, guitarist Nate Perry, bassist Greg Spalding and drummer Darren Amaya might suggest black metal, as would the album’s title, but the Sonics here are more along the lines of Iron Maiden’s debut than anything else. The band might actually be black metal given the aforementioned titled and songs like Judas Ships and Sepulchre, yet the music itself is hardly the brimstone shower of Marduk or Deicide. Instead, early NWOBHM riffs a la Iron Maiden, Holland and Satan (the band, not the Christian superstar) gallop with the desperate vocals of Mark, who must be said, sometimes sounds across like a desperate squeegee kid frustrated at the lack of congruent tipping. The occasional backing vocals are completely dismissible though.
It might be fun listening in just to stop the Maiden rhythm, early Omen solo or Satan riff, yet the band is more diametrically matched with Lord Weird Slough Feg and Hammers Of Misfortune. That comparison is easy. Not as easy is the transformation of the ancestral criminals on the cover to the shaggy denim hammerheads depicted on the band’s promotional photograph. - Ali “The Metallian”

Man, this album started well. Hijack The Night sounds like a vintage metal title and the song hints at some good old heavy metal trueness. Bible Of The Devil sounds like a mix of Pretty Maids, Slough Feg and early Iron Maiden riffs, but the four-man outfit actually hails from Chicago. So, the album is a surprise, the logo with the Flying V is cool and so are the cover illustrations. Despite the graphics, this isn’t anything like Freewheel Burning. The songs progress well enough until Womanize, a half-finished song that drops the metal content. Ol’ Girl might actually hint at the band’s target demographic and it is also a weak take on Thin Lizzy. Greek Fire is again half-assed and additionally sounds like early Black Sabbath. The album ends with 500 More and may mean many things except how many more songs this reviewer wants to hear. The music is another take on vintage '70s Kiss with a kind of Paul Stanley vocals impression.
Freedom Metal should have been an EP. Now that the band has issued it as a full-length one is left asking whether the evil ones are serious, joking or seriously require a manager that saves the band from itself. - Anna Tergel


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