Biohazard - 1990 - Maze
Urban Discipline - 1992 - Roadrunner
State Of The World Address - 1994 - Roadrunner
Mata Leao - 1996 - Warner
No Holds Barred - 1997 - Roadrunner
New World Disorder - 1999 - Polygram
Uncivilization - 2001 - Sanctuary
Means To An End - 2005 - Steamhammer
Reborn In Defiance - 2012 - Nuclear Blast

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Evan Seinfeld - Rodek>>Evan Seinfeld>>Rodek, SVG$ - Rodek>>Evan Seinfeld>>SVG$

BILLY GRAZIADEI - Bobby Hambel>>White Devil, Serpents In Winter, A.D.D. - Helmet>>Rob Echeverria - Leo Curley - White Devil, Serpents In Winter, A.D.D.>>BOBBY HAMBEL

Rodek>>Evan Seinfeld>>Rodek


History & Biography
Biohazard is primarily a hardcore band that otherwise plays around with rap and hip hop. The band pretends to be into social causes and even has gotten into a brawl with Morbid Angel. Early tours were with Kreator and Sick of It All. The New Yorkers are famous for guest appearances on their albums and a member's TV career. Curley left the band in the spring of 2002.

It was announced in 2004 that singer and bassist Evan Seinfeld was officially entering the pornography business. The Oz actor would star in films with his porn actress wife, Tera Patrick. Singer/guitarist Billy Graziadei and Kittie bassist Jennifer Arroyo formed a new band called Rodek. Evan Seinfeld left the band in May of 2011. Scott Roberts, who had played on the band's Means To An End album in 2005, will play with Biohazard at the Download festival and Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in June. A permanent replacement was being sought. The band had a new album due this autumn. In 2012, Biohazard, Revolver magazine and Repudo were giving away the band’s new album, Reborn In Defiance, in its entirety for free to all fans in the United States. Fans were to go to before the whole scheme was cancelled due to “circumstances beyond our control.” Former member Evan Seinfeld has a rap act called SVG$.

Biohazard reformed with singer and guitarist Billy Gradziadei, guitarist Bobby Hambel, bassist Evan Seinfeld and drummer Danny Schuler, all part of the line-up, in 2022. The band was planning to tour the world and record new material in 2023. Everybody was also honoured and humbled. Biohazard and Megadeth toured five betting courses and casinos in North America in September 2023. Biohazard’s founding drummer Anthony Meo died of cancer in the meantime. The band was booked for Summer Breeze Brasil for 2024. Kerry King, Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera, Machine Head, Corey Taylor, Biohazard, Fear Factory, Dying Fetus, The Black Dahlia Murder and a bunch of mallcore and rap bands were announced for Download 2024 in the UK. Forbidden announced the first annual OmegAfest for May 4th 2024. It would take place at The UC Theatre in Berkeley, California, USA. Bands booked include Biohazard, Forbidden, Warbringer, Exciter, Hatriot and Bewitcher.


The old rapcore New Yorkers Biohazard must have simultaneously felt smug and disgusted at a market that rewards and bestows riches on all the new hip hop core/mallcore posers like Slip Knot and Korn, when in actual fact it was none other than these riff raffs that were at the retrogarde of it all. Well, they have had their share of success as well, and so the band has not disappeared obviously. On the latest, Biohazard mixes old hardcore and hip hopping riffing with the ding dang dong sounds of the newer breed of bounce rock loonies - all with the help of a few friends. Having invited back an old producer, the foursome feature people from bands like Slipknot (aha!), Pantera and Type O Negative to jam through songs like Sellout, Wide Awake and HFFK (Hate, Fuck, Fight, Kill), etc. Fans of old Biohazard and mallcore will like this. Fans of both will like this even more. - Ali "The Metallian"

Apparently, Means To An End is Biohazard's farewell album. The rapcore New Yorkers identified themselves too closely with a dying fad, veered into different directions and lost their new-found ADD fans and withered away. Frankly, my impression was that the band had already disbanded prior to this album's arrival. Regardless, and as mentioned, the band is already history anyway.
Is Means To An End any more serious than its most recent predecessors? Yes, the band makes an attempt to return to its early '90s sound. There is more gang backing vocals, less rap and more of that legendary urban ghetto myth here than the band's recent output. The album begins with the sound of sirens ringing in the 'hood, but that is usual for a band that is acting its way through albums these days. The band has not been there for years, and frankly neither have the fans. This is all boring stuff looked at it either way, but Means To An End has steady beats, some moshy parts, throaty vocals, backing vocals and a couple of nominal leads that are quite short. Hopefully where Biohazard goes, fellow rapping New Yorkers Anthrax will follow... - Ali "The Metallian"