Alive Autopsy - 2001 - Independent
Night Of The Ultimate Mosh - 2002 - Razorback
Live @ Giants Of Grind - 2005 - Power It Up
Mongo Musicale - 2006 - Dental
The Farmer’s Wrath - 2008 - Obscene
Melbourne In Hell – 2015 - Noisemongers
Extreme Graveyard Tornado – 2019 – Everlasting Spew
Sickness In The North - 2023 - Everlasting Spew

Birdflesh image
Dethronement, Jigsore Terror, Sickrecey>>SMATTRO ANSJOVIS [ANDREAS MITROULIS]>>Dethronement, Jigsore Terror, Sickrecey

Napalm Gore>>Achmed Abdulex>>Napalm Gore – Esoteria, Icons Of Horror, Blind Unit, The Arson Project, Jordfäst>>COUNT CROCODELIS [ELIS EDIN MARKSKOG]>>Blind Unit, The Arson Project, Jordfäst

Napalm Gore, Hypnosia>>Magnus Moshbastard/Barbro Havohej [Hampus Klang]>>Napalm Gore, Hypnosia, Jigsore Terror - Talion, Litania, Entrails, Skogen, Devilry, Legio Occulta, Poltergeist, Necrophagous>>PANDA FLAMENCO [JOAKIM SVENSSON]>>Entrails Skogen, Devilry, Legio Occulta, Poltergeist, Necrophagous

Sayyadina, Dethronement, General Surgery, Jigsore Terror, Entrails>>SMATTRO ANSJOVIS [ANDREAS MITROULIS]>>Sayyadina, Dethronement, General Surgery, Jigsore Terror, Entrails

History & Biography
Birdflesh is a long-standing Swedish grindcore band with somewhat of a punk image. The act was formed in October of 1992. A tape called The Butcherbitchtape appeared in 1994, followed by the Demo Of Hell in 1995. Two songs soon appeared on the Sometimes Death is Better 2, 3 & 4 Compilation CD. Following a lengthy sabbatical, 1998 squeaked the We Were 7 Who 8 Our Neighbours On A Plate demo. An EP called Trip To The Grave was independently issued in the same year. The band managed to hit Japan in 1999. Moshbastard replaced Mutanga at this point. The band next signed with American gore metal label Razorback records and released its proper full-length debut in 2002. Mr. Ansjovis soon cameoed in a reformed General Surgery. The band can also be heard on splits EPs with Carcass Grinder and Squash Bowels, as well as the Polargrinder sampler. Two of the members were in Jigsore Terror as of 2004. The fowl lot appeared at Maryland death Fest in 2005. Mongo Musicale was issued by Candlelight Records in America. Birdflesh and Organ Dealer had a split album out on June 2nd 2017 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Both Birdflesh and Organ Dealer played at the Maryland Death Fest XV on May 26th. The band was booked for Scandinavia Deathfest 2019, which would take place in October in Stockholm. Other bands playing included Dismember, Benediction, Centinex and General Surgery. The group’s Extreme Graveyard Tornado was out through Everlasting Spew Records on 28.06.2019. The meaty boys had a new mini-album called All The Miseries through Everlasting Spew in 2021. The band was booked at Party.San Festival and played a concert in Bulgaria in 2022.

Birdflesh’s Sickness In The North was out through Everlasting Spew Records on 21st April 2023. The group was booked for the Stockholm Extreme Sounds 2024.


Mix Deicide with Terrorizer and S.O.B. and what you get is... beats me. Whatever its is they call it Birdflesh and it has languished at the butcher shop since 1992. The Swedish trio sounds like a car accident in progress.....screeeech!! Lyrically, the songs look like a four year old's attempt at looking stupid so his parents won't place him in prekindergarten. Given the band name one hopes they are meant to be tongue-in-cheek. One (Eternal Emotions) is about love of cheeseburger and I quote, 'Everyday you're in my mind, I want you all the time, But now you're gone and I miss you so, I shouldn't have let you go, Cheeseburger! Darling burger!' Elsewhere there is an account of the band's pilgrimage to a Samantha Fox concert (along with the guys from Hypnosia no less) on the title track and a song about the band's guitarist Achmed Abdulex called Arabian Psycho. Watch out here comes George W. to investigate!! No less impressive is the 'art' on the disc which resembles someone's crayon drooling. On tour now with Vulgar Pigeons (or not), these Swedish birds, along with Ghoul, confirm Razorback is not just a grind/gore label; but also a grind/gore/humour label.

This grindcoring Swedes have a large sense of humour in case anyone missed the band’s name. This is obvious not only from a name like 'Birdflesh' and song titles like Wigdestroyer, Handicapitation, Dancefloor Death, Moonwalk Massacre and the equally alliterative Drums Of Death, but also because the biography supplied by the label and the sticker on the CD’s cover call the album Mondo Musicale.
On Mongo Musicale the bird-brained Swedish trio fits 25 bass-driven and noisy grindcore morsels into 33 minutes. The album begins with a Slayer rip-off intro called Mongo Musicale, but the material is puke-your-guts-out grinding mania with connections to Macabre, old Agathocles and the first Napalm Death demo. The vocals are both barked and screamed, except on Victims Of The Cat where Whiskers himself makes a short appearance. Samples exist, but the band keeps them to a minimum and stays away from the same old same old Hollywood movies. Watch for 'interesting' borrowed riffs on songs like Ladies Night/Birdo Might and Moonwalk Massacre. - Anna Tergel